Beauty is subjective or, more commonly said, "in the eye of the beholder." But, if the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi is to be believed, physical perfection is all a matter of mathematical formulas.

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The same system has told us that Bella Hadid has the most physically perfect face, while Robert Pattinson has the world's most handsome face. Often, however, these lists only feature Western actors. Now, another doctor has listed down Korean actors.

Using digital face mapping, Korean cosmetologist Dr. Oh Myung Jun has determined which actors who star in your favorite Korean dramas are the most attractive. The system he used is based on "the ratio that humans consider most beautiful and comfortable (naturally), 1:1.618 Golden Ratio." So, without further ado, here are the most attractive Korean actors (according to science):

1. Gang Dong-won

2. Lee Seung-gi

3. Go Soo

4. So Ji-sub

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5. Won Bin

6. Song Joong-ki

7. Song Seung-heon

8. Jung Woo-sung

9. Jo In-sung

10. Hyun Bin

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Speaking on the results, Dr. Oh Myung Jun commented that Gang Dong-won took first place since his eyes, nose, mouth, and jawline all lined up perfectly. He also mentioned that the rest of the actors on the list were near perfect, save for some features that were off the ratio.


Before you go and rage at the results of the ranking, this method is mostly based on symmetry, which is only one way of looking at beauty. Really, there's no definite measurement when it comes to the physical characteristics of beauty.

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