Newlyweds Megan Young and Mikael Daez are very practical as a couple.

In fact, whenever they travel, they budget their money wisely, and scour for the best flight and accommodation deals.

When it comes to gifts, they both believe that love and appreciation do not really require spending.


In an exclusive interview with on January 20, Megan explained, "Mik and I are not ma-gift na tao. That's not how we express our love for each other... 

"What we appreciate more or how we show our love more is through, I guess, I would say actions, like us making coffee for each other."

When they give each other something special, they do it randomly.

Mikael expounded, "Instead of giving her gifts on these arbitrary dates, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries, whenever I feel like it and whenever I see an opportunity that I can give her something, that I can make her happy, be it an object, be it something to show or something to say, I will do that.

"Because why do I have to wait a year if, like, on this date, I find something I want to give her.


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Mikael also thinks gift-giving traditions among couples can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and arguments.

He explained, "More often than not, these holidays are actually sources of arguments for other couples."

Megan interjected, "They're like, 'Ah, I didn't like this' or 'You forgot!'"

The 32-year-old actor continued, "For us, we just said, let's not deal with that. Sayang yung time."

Nonetheless, Megan and Mikael treasure everything they give each other.


Megan recalled the first gift she received from Mikael and said, "He brought me cheesecake and a necklace made out of parang wire 'tapos nakalagay 'Megan.' He was really thoughtful, 'tapos hindi pa kami nagde-date. That was one of the first things that he gave me."

Mikael got it from his trip to Argentina.

He added, "May kuwento pa ako dun, sabi ko, 'Yeah, I was walking down the streets of Argentina, nakita ko lang 'Megan' yung nakasulat dun.' Pero sa totoo lang pinagawa ko dun sa tao, artificial serendipity."


Mikael's wedding gift to Megan was also special.

The Miss World titleholder said, "His wedding gift for me was a delicious bag of coffee beans 'cause I love coffee and that's what makes me happy. And he knows na if he gets this for me, I will be completely happy."

Megan received her wedding gift from Mikael after their intimate wedding on January 10, at Calaruega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas. The couple had a bigger wedding on January 25, Saturday, at San Roque Chapel in Subic, Zambales.

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