kc_concepcion.jpgJob pressure and personal problems—both of these contribute to a very stressful life. Actress and host KC Concepcion talked about the demands of a busy schedule and its effects on health at the press conference for Palmolive Naturals shampoo. “The tendency of most people is to plod on and keep working just to get it over with, but from my experience, this doesn’t really do anyone any good,” KC says.

So what’s her secret to dealing with constant stress? A combination of caring for mind, body, and soul. “Your best allies against stress are a healthy body, a nurtured mind, and a positive mindset,” KC says. “And there are natural ways to achieve this, simple things that you can do every day without losing track of your schedule.”

Do you find yourself feeling burned out because of work? Check out these tips from KC and find out how you too can de-stress and uplift your body and spirit. 


You may think exercise is just another source of anxiety, but this actually makes you better equipped to deal with a stressful day. If going to the gym or busting out aerobic moves isn’t your thing, don’t despair. Just find something that you’ll enjoy and keep at it. “My personal stress buster in that aspect is dance,” KC shares. “. . . Apart from being a form of exercise, it serves a creative outlet for me express whatever I’m feeling that day without the distraction of work and other tasks—it’s how I really ‘let my hair down,’ so to speak.”


The more your life starts to revolve around just work, the more stressed you become. Inject some fun back into your life by taking up a hobby. Use this time to completely forget about your work problems, and focus on enjoying life and keeping yourself happy. KC says, “Whether it’s a sport, reading books, or watching films that you enjoy the most, do it on a regular basis. Being able to do something you like nurtures your mind, body and soul—to put it simply, it makes you feel good. And you need that positivity to get through long, tiring days.” 


As KC says, “If you don’t take regular breaks, you’ll work yourself to death, and your health and overall well-being will suffer for it.” So the next time you feel a migraine coming on because of work, think of your health and turn your laptop off even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. “We all have moments when stress seems to be getting the best of us,” KC says. “But we can choose not to let it by taking a break and doing the things that make us smile and help us unwind.” 


The key to a non-stressful life is balance and contentment, KC says, so stop overworking and think about your personal life too! Make time for going out with friends—surround yourself with the people you care about. “People generally feel stressed or burned out because they are constantly dissatisfied or running after something,” KC says. “It’s good to have goals that you can work towards, but it’s also important to find the balance between being in pursuit of these and still being glad with what you already have. It keeps you grounded and your outlook positive, so that you can set about achieving those goals in high spirits.”


KC notes that sometimes stress can get the better of you, but even the simplest things can go a long way to improve your mood. So go indulge the a pair of new jeans you've had your eye on or watch the sun set after a particularly depressing day at work. The trick to effective de-stressing is to always give yourself something to look forward to. Reward yourself for a job well done with a long soak in the tub or finishing a tub of your favorite ice cream. You deserve it!

As for KC, “Personally, my hair is very important to me—beautiful hair usually means a beautiful day for me.  So pay attention to these as these can go a long way in re-energizing you! I assure you that with this mindset, you will have the drive to plunge right back in and take on the challenges that lie ahead!”

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