flashbox.jpgActress Katrina Halili suffered heinous setbacks after the controversial Hayden Kho sex tape scandal exploded last year. Despite this trial in her life, however, the actress kept on going and now, she continues to be a part of the soap opera landscape with the show, Langit sa Piling Mo.

Katrina admits that sometimes she still suffers through bouts of low self-esteem, PEP.ph reports. Yet she manages to get out of the house and work, thanks to the help of her therapists and pastor.

"Sinasabi sa akin ng mga therapist na mind over matter lang daw lahat. Lahat ng takot kailangan ko raw paglabanan. Hindi ako dapat magpatalo kasi ako ang magiging kawawa. Sabi naman ng pastor, ipagpatuloy ko lang ang pagdarasal. Kailangan spiritually ay malakas din ako (My therapists say it's all mind over matter. I need to fight all my fears. I can't allow myself to lose because it will only make me feel worse. My pastor says to keep on praying. I need to be spiritually strong),” she is quoted as saying.

“Kaya unti-unti, bumabalik ang confidence ko. Kailangan lang na physically, mentally at spiritually, prepared ako sa lahat ng puwedeng mangyari sa akin. In fairness, nabawasan ang pag-iiyak ko. (That's why my confidence is slowly came back. I just need to be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for anything that can happen to me. In fairness, my crying lessened.)"

Like Katrina, have you also experienced problems so intense that you’ve had trouble getting back up again? We all know it’s hard to bounce back after your world crumbles at your feet. Check out these tips from Female Network to help you recover from a setback.


Whether it's a broken relationship or friendship, a scandalous affair, or even a lost job opportunity, you'll need at least a little time to recover emotionally. You may think you're doing fine, but actually, you may be harboring resentments or fear related to what happened to you that could color the work you do and the relationships you develop or maintain. So it's best to get a little distance, even if that means lying low and not going to as many parties with your mutual friends after breaking up with your boyfriend of several years or even taking an out-of-town trip.


When something goes wrong in your life, it's natural to review it in your head or even with your friends to try and figure out what you or others did wrong. Once you've had enough time to achieve a little emotional difference, take a look at what's happened and ask yourself some hard questions: What did I do wrong? Was there any point where I could have turned things around? What caused me to make the mistakes I made? Was there anything I did right?

Answer these as truthfully as you can--you may even want to ask the opinions of others who were involved. This is important because understanding the mistakes you made in the past will help you avoid them in the future.


While it's a good idea to assess and review past events and mistakes, you should never wallow in them. A little self-pity here and there is permissible, but once you get used to the "poor me" mentality, it's very hard to shed it. So give yourself a good old-fashioned boot to the behind (and if you're not very good at that, get a friend who specializes in tough love to do it for you) and face forward.

This doesn't just apply to yourself, though. People may want to pull you down by bringing up mistakes you made in the past. Acknowledge the wrongs you've done, but also make an effort to move forward, mend fences, and encourage others to do the same.


Make a dedicated effort to move on with your life. Write a list of goals that you want to achieve. You may want to make a five-year plan that has to do with your career or social life. Make sure you outline steps you can take to help bring those goals to fruition. One mistake or one setback does not need to define your life, just as one success or triumph cannot be enough to fulfill it. So move on to other things, and you'll find that the people you know will too.


Forgiveness is an essential component to letting go of past issues that get you down. This not only means forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made, but also forgiving the people who judged and may continue to judge you for them. If you have wronged someone in the past, it's a good idea to ask for their forgiveness—but remember that you may not always get it.

(Photo courtesy of PEP.ph)

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