ryan_and_juday_2.jpgJudy Ann Santos is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Agoncillo, reports Pep.ph.

The couple announced Juday's 2 month pregnancy on Eat Bulaga yesterday; Ryan showed printouts of his wife's ultrasound results while Juday gave a live phone patch interview. Both were very excited and thankful for the pregnancy, particularly after concerns regarding Juday's difficulty in conceiving, given her age and high levels of activity and stress. In an interview with Pep.ph in in 2009, Juday revealed that she was taking fertility pills to help her conceive. "May tine-take akong medicines ngayon for fertility saka folic acid. Yun naman ang tine-take ng mga babae getting ready for the child." She also said her doctor noted that she might have trouble getting pregnant: "Kasi nga pagod, walang pahinga, puyat ka lagi, pressure."

The couple plans to take a non-working trip to Europe later in the year, but they're waiting to see what Juday's doctor will advise. The couple is taking special care with the long-awaited pregnancy, to ensure the baby's safe development and mother and child's health. Pep reports Juday has been advised to lessen her workload and get more rest and sleep. Juday admits her doctor has told her to be extra careful at work, joking "Umiwas daw ako sa tsismis."

While avoiding the dangers of gossip may not be standard pre-natal advice for most pregnant women, potential mothers in their 30s and 40s like Juday do face some special risks, according to babycenter.co.uk.

However, the physical risks are now easily monitored and controlled, and the advanced age may also provide some physical and psychological perks for mothers-to-be. Babycenter notes that at this age, most women have already begun to develop healthier lifestyles, understand their body and its needs better, and have better exercise and nutrition pratices. This is true of Juday, who shares her own healthy routines in this month's Women's Health.


At this point, though, Juday seems well ahead of the game. Listed below are some tips for mothers-to-be of all ages, and the young superstar already observes most of them.


Get an early preconception checkup and regular prenatal care from a reliable health care provider.
Take a multivitamin containing folic acid daily, starting before pregnancy and in early pregnancy, to help prevent neural tube defects. In addition, eat foods containing folic acid and folate, such as fortified breakfast cereals, enriched grain products, beans, leafy green vegetables, and orange juice.
• Don't use any drugs or supplements not cleared or recommended by your doctor.
Begin pregnancy at a healthy weight (not too heavy or too thin).
• Don't drink or smoke, and stay away from secondhand smoke.
• Don't eat undercooked meat or fish that can be high in mercury.

Juday's cravings are healthy ones, apparently. She's said to crave mangosteen and avoid fish because of the smell. One thing is certain-this young family will prepare for the much-awaited arrival of this new addition and will pull out all the stops to ensure the health and future of the baby. As Juday quips of Ryan's responsibilities to the child, "Basta pondohan niya lang yung magiging bank account nung bata!"


(Photo from Pep.ph courtesy of Alfie Lorenzo)

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