jodi-sta-maria-gh-oct-11_1.jpgJodi Sta. Maria has one hectic schedule as she balances working as an actress, studying pre-med in college, and being a mother to only son Thirdy. In the October 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping, she talks about the joys and struggles of living such a multifaceted life.

Regardless of how busy she is with work and school, though, five-year-old Thirdy always tops her priority list. Jodi makes sure she gives him the attention and care he deserves by not accepting work on Sundays so that they can spend their weekends together. She also takes him around whenever she can and helps him with his homework. Her reward? Thirdy regards her not just as his mom, but as a trusted friend.

You can be close to your kids while still maintaining parental control, just like Jodi does. Good Housekeeping asked her how she deals with some of the issues moms everywhere have to contend with.


"Hindi ko worry talaga 'yun kasi pag may nagustuhan siya, magugustuhan niya, pero it won't last long. (I don't really worry about [video games] because, when he likes something, he likes it a lot, but it won't last long.) And when you tell him na stop it na, you study na or you eat first, he listens. That's the good thing about him, he listens."


"Thirdy loves chocolates talaga. Okay lang naman, basta huwag lang before mealtime, [and] not so much din."


"Kung ano 'yung sinerve sa kanya, kakainin niya. 'Di kagaya ng iba, kung ayaw, magpapaluto ng iba. Kung ano nandiyan, kainin. Kung ayaw niya, di huwag. Kung magutom siya, babalikan din naman 'yan, eh. (Whatever is served to him, he eats it. He's not like other [kids] who want different dishes cooked if they don't like what's given to them. Whatever's there, he should eat it. If he doesn't like it, then that's that. If he gets hungry, he'll go back for the food anyway.)"


"Minsan, nakakalimot siya. Minsan, akala niya, ka-age lang kausap, so rine-remind ko 'po,' 'opo,' 'no shouting sa matatanda.' Paulit-ulit lang naman talaga para matanim sa isip niya. (Sometimes, he forgets. Sometimes he thinks he's talking to someone of the same age, so I just remind him to use 'po' and 'opo' and no shouting at elders. I just keep on repeating these so that he'll remember.)"


"Pag homework, homework. Minsan may time na tinatamad, and then are times when siya naman 'yung magvo-volunteer. Pero may times na ayaw talaga niya mag-homework. There are times na I tell him, 'May prize ka kapag na-finish mo.' There are times na I have to explain to him na may mga things na kailangan tapusin or kailangan gawin. (If it's time for homework, it's time for homework. There are moments he gets lazy, and then there are times when he volunteers to do it. But there are times when he really doesn't want to do homework. There are times I tell him, 'You get a prize if you finish this.' There are times when I have to explain to him that there are things that have to be finished or worked at.)"

gh_october_2011_cover.jpgTo read more about Jodi and get more parenting tips, grab a copy of Good Housekeeping Magazine's October 2011 issue, out on stands now!

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