dennis_jennylyn.jpgActress Jennylyn Mercado and actor Dennis Trillo have officially ended their relationship. This is what Popoy Caritativo, Dennis’s manager, confirmed for two nights ago. Rumors of the breakup had already been circulating for the past few weeks as a source close to the two revealed the news.

According to the source, a “small and mababaw fight eventually led to Jennylyn and Dennis’s breakup. The fight was simple, the source claimed, but it escalated to insults and hurtful words. Preliminary information on shows that Dennis “cursed and humiliated” Jennylyn because he was jealous that Patrick Garcia was back in her and her son’s life. Patrick is the father of Jennylyn’s son, Jazz.

Jennylyn allegedly fought Dennis back and even physically hit the actor, after which he cursed and then yelled at her to get out of the house.’s source says his words were so potent “that anyone hearing it would have crumbled. Sakit sobra."

As of yesterday, Becky Aguila, Jennylyn’s manager, confirmed the news over text in a “final official statement,” stating that the two broke things off on March 5. “Jen is heartbroken, but she knows she has to move on, not only for herself, but also for Jazz’s sake.”

Like Jennylyn and Dennis, do you and your partner find yourselves fighting over small things? Before petty arguments and minor irritations escalate to something more, learn to keep your fights in perspective and your relationship intact with these three tips from FN.


Before starting a fight, stop to think whether it’s really something worth bringing up. If it’s a one-time mistake on the part of a guy who has never given you reason to believe this could become a habit, try to shrug it off. If it really weighs on your mind, try to think of a way to remind rather than nag, and make sure you have the control to choose your words with care. Start with “I” rather than “you” so as not to sound accusing—for example, “I wasn’t really comfortable with the comment about my friends” is much easier to take than “You made me feel bad when you criticized my friends.”


Even though you’re in a relationship, you’re both individuals and entitled to your own opinions. That means that you won’t always agree on everything, especially when it comes to philosophical discussions about right, wrong, and in between. The big things in your relationship—fidelity, family, or quality time, for example—definitely need to be resolved, and you’re probably going to have to make compromises on both sides to do this. But learn when it’s best to just admit that you don’t see eye to eye on something and leave it at that.


Are you angry with him because he canceled another date, or are you concerned that he might be losing interest in spending time with you? Is he really jealous of your ex, or does he just want to be clear about his place in your life? Don’t argue about incidents; discuss issues, and only use the incidents to illustrate your points if absolutely necessary. You need to see beyond the one-time mistakes or the nagging to the emotions and insecurities behind them, and those are the things you need to talk—and, yes, occasionally fight—about.

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