Gay rights supporters in the Philippines also rejoiced when the United States Supreme Court ruled against Proposition 8 (a law banning gay marriage in California) and the Defense Against Marriage Act (which denied benefits to married couples of the same sex) on June 26. Among those who expressed their stance on the controversial issue were models and cousins Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson, who had kissed each other on the lips in the past for a shoot with photographer Mark Nicdao. To show their support for gender equality, Isabelle posted their photo on her Instagram account on June 27, along with the caption, “Our take on equality for gay rights! Haha thank you @markednicdao.”

The image quickly became popular, with an estimated 13,600 likes as of press time. However, it drew mixed reactions from the masses: some admired it, some were scandalized by it, and some found it repulsive. Despite this, Isabelle says she does not regret posting the controversial image.

“I’m so happy and I wouldn’t take it back. And I’m proud to be supportive of the gay community,” she was quoted as saying in an article on

“I think people are taking it too literal [sic],” she continued. “It’s not supposed to be taken literally and it’s supposed to show what we stand up for, which is gay rights. I think it was done tastefully, but I also realized in this [issue] that you really cannot please everyone… There are a lot of people that won’t be happy; there are a lot of people that understands [sic] it and [are] happy [about it], yeah.”

“I think the Philippines was a bit shocked by [the photo],” she added. “We’re very conservative, like, things like this can shock us. I don’t know, I think you should look at it with an open mind.”

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