They say that age is just a number, and it seems pretty true once you take a glimpse at radiant mother of five Ina Raymundo. Even with her busy schedule, she still manages to take care of herself, especially when it comes to her skin and body. Here, she shares how she keeps her skin young and glowing.

What is your night time skincare regimen?
"First, I always remove my makeup. After that, I put a serum first, and then a moisturizer, and then eye cream. Basta, I always moisturize. Once a week, I also exfoliate."

What items can never leave your kikay kit?
"Lip balm–it’s like a base coat when you have a manicure, kasi kapag diretsong lip gloss, parang ang dry, dry. I also have concealer and blush on. It takes me less than five minutes to put makeup."

If you were to do your own makeup, what look would you go for?
"I like vampy, I like fierce–dark eye shadow and nude lipstick. Everything is on the eye because I don’t like wearing red lipstick since I have thin lips, so when I wear red lipstick, mas liliit yung lips ko."

PHOTO: Instagram @inaraymundo95

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