heart_daniel_extra.jpgIn a recent interview with Startalk, Heart Evangelista admitted that she had already introduced Brazilian-Japanese boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga to her family, reports PEP.ph. She and Daniel had been keeping mum about their relationship for quite some time until Daniel confirmed it in an interview with PEP.

When asked about Daniel’s relationship with her family, Heart replied, “They like him a lot. He’s very nice.”

The Brapanese actor/model, on the other hand, expressed how pleased he was about being introduced to Heart’s folks. “Everybody was so nice to me. I felt comfortable. I’m really happy!”

Like Heart, many women may want to take their relationship “to the next level” through the Boyfriend-Family First Meeting. Introducing your guy to your parents and siblings (and perhaps even your other relatives) is a big deal because it implies that you’re ready to break the boundary between the comfy, private world you and your man share as a couple and the life you have at home. It indicates that you and your boyfriend are ready to enter a more serious and meaningful stage in the relationship, and that you want your family to be a part of it.   

While every woman would like their boyfriend’s first encounter with her family to be as perfect and as quaint as Daniel’s, there are many things that can go awry due to lack of preparation and fair warning. Here are five tips to help make the first meeting both sweet and blunder-proof:  


Surprises can go either way, so don’t spring your boyfriend on your family. Making the introduction unexpectedly (like bringing him home or having him tag along to a family event without any advanced warning) can create a lot of awkwardness, and it may have them looking at him less than favorably. Make sure you tell them about him beforehand rather than presenting him as a fait accompli.

But don’t just tell them you have a new man in your life, though—elaborate! Tell them about him, your relationship, and how happy he makes you. And after the first big announcement, keep bringing him up in casual conversation. Having them see how much he means to you and how much he’s a part of your life makes it easier for them to warm up to the idea of meeting him and accepting him into their lives.


Tell your guy about your family beforehand so he can avoid any incidents of faux pas. Like your family, your boyfriend also deserves to be informed of what to expect, what to observe, and what to avoid during the first meeting. Give him all the relevant information he needs, especially since he may feel nervous, isolated, and perhaps a little shy when the big day comes. If there are certain subjects or topics your family is particularly sensitive to, or verbal expressions or mannerisms they may find annoying or inappropriate, be sure to tell your boyfriend about them—the last thing you want is to create an uncomfortable situation.


Don't answer questions for him—let him show he has a voice of his own. The point of introducing him to your family is to let them get to know him more, and vice-versa. Taking the reins and answering all the questions on his behalf may give your family the impression that he is snobbish and withdrawn, under the saya, or worse, not intelligent enough to article his thoughts and feelings well. It may also give your boyfriend the impression that you don’t trust him to say or do the right thing. Just reassure your boyfriend that he doesn’t have to go over the edge to please your family, and encourage him to just be honest and open throughout the conversation.


Make sure he dresses appropriately because first impressions count. If your boyfriend dresses sloppily for the first meeting, your family (especially your parents) might get the impression that he isn’t taking the engagement very seriously. Have him dress as he would for a big date; this is, after all, a very important occasion.  


Remember to take it slow. If you introduce your boyfriend to all the members of your family tree on the first go, he may feel overwhelmed and driven into a corner—plus, he may not remember all of their names, which may hurt their feelings next time he meets them. Before having him meet the rest of your clan, make sure that he establishes an amicable relationship with your parents and siblings first. Invite him to hang out at your house, rather than doing something like inviting him to a big family gathering.    

(Photos courtesy of PEP.ph)
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