Heart Evangelista is a certified fashion icon and artist, but she also knows exactly how to let loose and crack jokes! In a recent Instagram Story of hers that's gone viral, we see Heart wearing a blue gown with her signature heels. And then she says, "Here's my look for today. I am on my way to go to the grocery to buy corned beef."

Yes, she really says CORNED BEEF. You can watch it for yourself here:

In her next post, Heart clarifies that she was just joking and that she was actually on her way to an event, hence the Martin Bautista gown!

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The video, which has been dubbed as Heart's "grocery OOTD," has reached millions of views on social media. A Facebook page called Adulting Philippines reposted Heart's story and, as expected, Filipinos quickly made their own versions of the meme in the comments! Check out some of the funniest ones below:


Apparently, here's what people "wear" for their daily errands now:


We're loving this K-drama-inspired one!

No signal? No problem!


She's making the corned beef for Heart!

It's Christmas, after all.

Is that...Kendall Jenner?


This question remains: What does she actually wear to the grocery store? Here's what Heart told Cosmo.ph:

"The head of our household goes to the grocery and market on Sundays so technically I don't go. But Chiz [Escudero] loves to go sometimes so when I ever do I still for sure wear my nude pumps no matter what I wear!"

This just made our day. You're welcome, ladies!

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This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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