reports that a certain Instagram user who goes by the handle “iamdovey222” has posted a series of screengrabs supposedly showing a confrontation between sisters Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto against an unknown basher who goes by the name “btchjuliaisbitch.”

“Yuck. You know what yuck is? Your husband walked out coz you violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place..Medical City,” read Gretchen’s message to btchjuliaisbitch in the first photo. “That basher warned us that if Julia enters star magic she will do everything to ruin Julia because she claims she is the teleserye princess & will remain that way till the end of eternity.”

The Julia being referred to is showbiz newbie Julia Barretto, Marjorie’s daughter with Dennis Padilla, who was recently launched as one of the members of Star Magic Batch 2013.

Another photo shows Marjorie telling a certain “joyortega” that btchjuliaisbitch’s “demons are coming out again.”

“I feel so sorry for her for she is all alone because of her evil ways,” Gretchen had also remarked to Marjorie.

In the third photo, a new conversation opened with btchjuliaisbitch remarking that the two sisters are very vain, which let to Gretchen lashing out at her. “Awww you find it arte coz you are not a part of our affairs simply because of your evil ways. (you can never be happy for anyone of us) how can you desperately try to ruin your own blood… Sorry but there is no stopping Julia from shining bright like a diamond.”

A report from speculates that the two sisters are ganging up against their younger sibling Claudine, but this is still unconfirmed. The conversation has since been deleted, and only iamdovey222’s screengrabs remain.

(Photos courtesy of

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