glaiza_regine.jpgFamous kontrabida actress Glaiza de Castro (Kung Aagawin Mo ang Lahat sa Akin,  Stairway to Heaven, and Diva) exchanges her bad girl image for a misunderstood tough chick in the new fantaserye Grazilda, reports. Glaiza snagged the titular role of the plucky Grazilda, Cinderella’s stepsister who is not the evil woman the fairy tale paints her to be.

Glaiza admits that she’s more comfortable doing villain characters now, and that she hasn’t been expecting to get any lead roles. "Dumating ako sa point na hinayaan ko na lang, e. Kumbaga, kung darating, darating,” she is quoted as saying, “Kaya nung binigay sabi ko 'Masyado bang maaga?' Pero hindi on my own time, in His time talaga.”

Meanwhile, Songbird Regine Velasquez ventures onto new grounds, as well, as she starts shooting for her indie film Mrs. Recto. Directed by Dante Nico Garcia, the film looks at Recto, Manila through the eyes of Clara, whose goal in life is to make her son go to school. “Nire-rehearse na namin kung paano magsasalita si Mrs. Recto. Kinausap ko na si Direk Dante kung paano magiging characterization ko,” she is quoted as saying. The director offered Clara’s role to Regine last year, and now, the soon-to-be-married singer and actress has finally accepted the role.

Like Glaiza and Regine, do you find yourself craving to try something out of the box—something completely different from the career or hobbies that you are currently occupied with? Here FN gives you some tips on breaking out of your mold.


To be successful at something that's outside your comfort zone, you should find out all you can about it. By research, we don’t just mean looking it up on the Internet or having a field day at the library. If you’re looking into going into a different career, for example, find out which crash courses you can take to prepare you on your venture. Scroll through your directory of contacts to see which of your friends you can ask for advice.


Make sure you're ready (in terms of your emotional wellbeing, professional skills, etc.) for the challenge of doing an about-face. Jumping into a different route in your life when you’re in the middle of a family crisis or having problems with your partner will only make your already loaded life more complicated. Prepare yourself for your loved ones’ doubts and worries—if you’re really going to do this, it’s better to have their support, in the end. Develop your skill set, as well, and keep alert so as not to be completely clueless on your first day in your new field.


Even if you're a star in a different field, there are still elements that will be new to you, so make sure to ask people for some constructive criticism. Remember to treat veterans in the field with respect and to take their comments seriously. The only way you’re going to learn is if you gain experience, and there’s no better way of getting it than with people who are already skilled. At the same time, evaluate yourself from time to time to see if you’re improving.


Act and dress the part, and immerse yourself in the particular culture that surrounds it. Don’t be afraid of getting “culture shock”—it’s only natural to feel displaced in a field that is unfamiliar to you. The only way you’ll get used to it, however, is to get into it head on. Embrace your new role with optimism. Not only will it make your transition easier, it will also show the people around you that you’re in business and eager to learn. 


This gives you more breadth of experience as a person and a professional, and you'll learn a lot about taking risks. If your new field doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to be, keep your head up and just use this as an opportunity to learn something new and build up your contacts list. Even the scariest experiences can turn into something exciting as long as you’re ready to open yourself to them.

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