When Jodilly “Jody” Ignacio Pendre and Katarina “Kat” Sonia Rodriguez learned that they were going to Malaysia along with 14 other girls from different countries to appear on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, they didn’t have a lot of time to pack their bags, much less panic.

“They let us know two days before we were flying out,” said Kat who had to quickly file a leave of absence from school. “We didn’t have time to prepare,” adds Jody, but she confessed that she dropped by a church in Quiapo to pray.

Now having wrapped up filming, Jody and Kat sit down with FN to answer a few questions:

Female Network (FN): What do you think your edge is over the other girls?

Kat (K): “I think mine would have to be that I had no prior experience. I look at that as an advantage because in some cases, it could be that they [some models] are so used to doing the same style or they have habits that they picked up that the judges think are actually bad habits, and it might be hard to break them, so I kinda went in open-minded. I’m a very fast learner, I’m very determined.”

Jody (J): “I think my edge among the other girls is that I know that I wanna be great and I really believe in myself and if you dream big, God will give you big blessings, so I have this learning experience, and I’ve learned so much in life since I was in college and I know that experiences, that conditions in my life, that most difficult times molded me to what I am today.”

FN: How do you stay confident?

K: “I think a part of it is that you have to , you have to know that you know yourself, more than anyone else does because if you’re so concerned of what everyone else thinks, then that ‘s all you’re gonna think about. For me, I know that as long as my intentions are good, I’m not out to harm anyone, and I don’t judge people, then I’ll be okay.”

J: “My secret to my confidence is learning how to appreciate myself and believing that I can do anything and that I can do everything because all things are possible for me. ”

FN: Have you had you share of bashers or haters?


K: “I think all of us have. I’ve had even before the competition started, but that’s part of life and, you know, those people, they can either break you or they can make you. They can motivate you or they can bring you down. It’s how you choose to look at the situation, and like I said earlier, when you start believing everyone—even people who say you’re wonderful—you’re gonna believe the people who say that you’re terrible so yeah, so just don’t listen to people whom you’re never gonna meet or you’ve never met in your life because again they don’t know what you’ve been through and if they don’t know you on that level, they have no right to just tell you what you’re good at and what you’re not.”

J: “I’ve had bashers since the press conference in Malaysia, so I love bashers and haters because I know that they will make me famous. I’m the deadma queen, so I don’t care about them.”

FN: Did you guys follow a strict diet during the shooting?

K: “Noooo! I—actually, it’s not a diet but the way I really live because I hace eczema, I have skin asthma, and the way I regulate it is through the food that I eat. Also, because I’m in track, there are certain foods that I should stay away from because they’ll slow me down. If you feel heavy, you’re gonna run slower, right? So I always ate pretty healthy and you know, I wanna live long, and I wanna live strong, but I in the show, it’s hard to, they really give you any foods and you don’t wanna be a diva and be like I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that, unless you have, you know, like, allergies, so I, actually there, I was eating things I normally don’t eat and if you ask her (looks at Jody), I actually, iin general, if you see me eat sugars, I will get super hyper, so within the show there are moments when I’m just like dancing!”

J: “I eat like a caveman, that’s why I don’t have [a particular] diet, but Kat told me so much about eating healthy. Now I know how to eat vegetables, the benefits of eating healthy.”

FN: And then do you have anything that you’re looking forward to this year?

J: “This year, I’m really looking forward to model like internationally, to go global, because I really want to become an international supermodel, so I want to achieve that goal this year because I have this vision board that at the age of 24 or 23, 24, or 25, I’m a Victoria's Secret angel!” (laughs)

K: “That’s one thing that we really have in common, is the Victoria's Secret angel like for me this year, I think that’s one thing is really building my portfolio because I have a lot of catching up to do within the Philippines, and regionally, and then like because of the show. We like to say that we want to be the Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss of Asia. Now we just have to make it there and meet them! The reason why I like the Victoria's Secret angels is because you don’t hear scandalous things about them, and the moment you do, you don’t usually see that model back on the show, so they have, so despite what they’re modelling, they have very clean reputations, and they’re looked up to by many young girls which is a nice thing because they’re really good role models.”

Catch Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 on TV5 every Thursday at 9:00 p.m.

(Photo by Myra Grace Calulo)

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