davidFireworks lit up the sky and couples were serenaded with love songs at Close Up’s Pyropalooza event held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on February 11. But it was American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta who made the show extra special with his guest performance. He entertained the crowd by singing Ogie Alcasid's "Nandito Ako," the title song for the miniseries he’ll be starring in; Southborder's "Wherever You Are"; and an original song called "Something 'Bout Love." Before the show, Female Network had a one-on-one interview with David, in which he shared the memorable moments of his stay in the Philippines, what he looked for in a girl, and what acting made him realize about himself.

Read on for quotes and insights we gained from the interview.




1. Getting to know his Filipino fans.

“The people here are very emotional,” David told us.

“The culture here is similar to the Latin culture,” he added. “So I felt like I could really connect with that.” David has had Latin culture handed down from both sides of his family—his mother is from the Honduras, while his father is of Spanish-Basque descent. David grew up watching telenovelas, which are a huge part of Latin culture.

2. His acting experience.

“At first I thought, ‘Well, this is crazy,’” David said of his reaction to TV 5’s offer to star in the miniseries Nandito Ako. Before this, he only had small parts in American shows like iCarly and Hannah Montana.

David decided to challenge himself by accepting the offer. He said, “It was just one of those things [where you] follow your heart. Your heart says you need to do something, and it’s like you don’t understand why.” And he doesn’t regret his decision. “We had so much fun,” David said. “We didn’t want the series to end. We wanted to keep filming.”

3. Bonding with his teleserye family.

David shared that he really bonded with the Nandito Ako cast. “It felt like a family, and that’s why it was sad for it to end.” When asked about his leading ladies, he said, “Eula and Jasmine were both great to work with. They’re both young, and they’re both fairly new to acting as well—they both started last year, I think—so it was nice to have someone who could understand where I was coming from.”


4. The food.

Though David said he generally enjoyed the food he got to try in the Philippines, one thing in particular stood out: “The mangoes—they’re just so good!”

5. Connecting with fans through music.

When asked what it was like to sing “Nandito Ako,” David said that even though the song was in a language that was foreign to him, he still managed to connect with it. He studied the meaning of the lyrics, but more than that, he really tried to understand the spirit of the song. David explained that music in itself evoked meaning that could break and transcend language barriers. “Classical songs don’t have words, but they’re still so emotional,” he said. “It’s the same with any other song. Even though the language may not have been the one I’m familiar with and know, you can still feel what it’s about. You can feel the energy in the song and the emotion that’s in it.”

During his short stay in the Philippines, he was able to record five songs for an OPM album. David said, “What I love about it is that it’s a way to connect with the fans here and thank them for everything that they’ve done [to support me].”




1. No fakes allowed!

When it comes to matters of the heart, David isn’t looking for fakers or pretenders. “I look for someone who’s real,” David said, “someone who’s genuine.”

2. Confidence.

David said that he does not expect perfection, but instead prefers someone comfortable with who she is. “Someone who makes an effort to be the best that they can be,” he told us. “Not someone has to be perfect or anything, but someone who doesn’t put themselves down too much.”

3. A generous spirit.

David also talked about the importance of understanding and compassion for other people, and this is definitely a quality he’d look for in his ideal girl. “They know they’re not perfect, but they still give their best to other people. For some reason, when people do that, they become more understanding, and they become more loving, and I think that’s important to have.”

4. Care for your appearance.

We asked David what physical characteristics he was attracted to, and he replied that he prioritizes the effort a woman takes to make herself look good rather than her looks in themselves. David said, “It’s important for [people to] take care of themselves ’cause I think how they take care of the way they look symbolizes how they treat themselves as a person.”

5. A clean rather than flashy look.

A wardrobe full of designer labels and glitzy outfits won’t help you work your way into David’s heart. “They don’t have to be wearing the nicest clothes,” David said. “They just have to be modest and take care of how they look. I like a clean look, nothing too flashy or promiscuous.”



1. Opening up.

David learned how to wear his heart on his sleeve. “I just learned how to be more open,” he explained. “I learned how to not hold myself back.”

2. Battling fears.

“I was always and I still am very self conscious, and I’ll be just like, ‘Oh, I don’t wanna. If I do this, what [will] people think of me?” Through acting, David learned how to placate those fears.

3. It's just emotions.

David told us that the heavy drama scenes of Nandito Ako really presented a challenge. He said, “I had to learn how to not be afraid to go that to that extreme of emotions. Normally, I would hold myself back.” But, David said, he learned “to go for it, and jump into those emotions and into that scene.”

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