derek_ramsay_ready_for_marriage.jpgLast Sunday, Derek Ramsay gave girlfriend Angelica Panganiban a totally kilig moment in a surprise taped interview shown on The Buzz. The hunky actor unabashedly gushed about how inspiring his Angel is and further added that if Angelica wants to get married, he is more than willing to do so. reports Derek’s exact words: "Babes, everyone sets their eyes on us. Waiting and expecting to see if we, you know, walk down the aisle. I've always said from day one, if that's what you want, that's what I will give. I think it's definitely just around the corner, but what we are right now, I'm very, very much happy, very much in love."

No doubt, a guy talking about marriage on national TV would easily send anyone swooning. But is your guy ready to say “I do” as well? FN dishes out five signs to check out if your boyfriend is ready to settle down.


You can click on these “symptoms” to learn more about them, or simply keep reading!


It might not seem like a big deal at first, but trust us, it is. Families will always occupy a major part of any person’s life, so it’s important that you get along with them. After all, you won’t just spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend, you’ll spend it with his family too. If you think of each other’s families as extensions of your own, then it’s a good sign that you two are on the right track.

Feeling a tad shy? Try warming up to his relatives during family reunions. You can start conversations by doing a little “research” in advance, such as telling his mom how often your guy craves her killer homemade paella. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll both get along with every member of each other’s families, but you’ll probably have accepted (or resigned yourselves to) the quirks and characters in each.


If you can have “serious talks” about your respective careers and future plans without your guy bolting right out of the door, you can take it as a good sign that he doesn’t mind settling down. When a guy is not ready to get married yet, talks about future plans tend to scare him away, leading to arguments about commitment claustrophobia and whatnot. Having conversations about the future will give you an idea about your guy’s stand on things. Just try not to jump the gun too fast.  He might find it too weird to talk about how your kids will look like if you’ve been only seeing him for a month.


One sign that your guy’s not afraid of marriage is when you can freely talk about it with him. Openly talking about it can give both of you an idea of what you two want in a marriage, or even if you two want it at all. Try not to bring up talks like this when you’re still in the early stages of your relationship. After all, both of you need to get to know each other well first before you start thinking of settling down. If, like Derek, he’s actually gone so far as to bring up the M word on his own, though, you’ve got that ring practically on your finger!

One good indicator as to whether your guy has overcome his allergy to wedding bells is if he willingly accompanies you (or invites you to accompany him) to a wedding. Many men who aren’t ready to commit think bringing a date to a wedding chances putting the women in question on ring-hunting mode. If your guy is one of these, take it as a positive sign if he’s willing to go to a wedding with you—just don’t take it as a sign that you’re ready to compare carats and cuts just yet.


In an interview in The Early Show, Cosmopolitan magazine Editor-in-Chief Kate White assures women that guys experience “fling fatigue”—they get tired of playing around. If your guy is not interested in ogling other women anymore, that’s a good sign he’s ready to be in a serious relationship with you. Getting his act together (such as getting a real job and starting on a career path) and being independent (like moving from his parent’s house to his own pad) are other signs that he’s ready to bid singlehood goodbye—or at least, say hello to a new level of maturity that could (if you play your cards right) lead to settling down.


If your guy is considering getting a housing loan instead of getting a brand new set of wheels, then he’s dead serious about planning for the future. Guys who take into account getting married and starting a family tend to be serious with their careers in order to be good providers when the time comes.  “Almost half of all men want to be able to buy a house before they get married,” Kate White says. 

If your guy sets a goal to get ahead of the rat race in order to provide for his family, then there’s nothing to be worried about. That may just mean that his future plans include you in the picture. So if he’s working a little harder, pulling in some longer hours to jolly up his resume for that new high-paying job or that promotion, cheer him on rather than adding to his stress by complaining about how little time he may have for you during the week—just make up for it when weekend comes.

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