Cherie Gil, who turned 55 in June, jokingly said that she's yet to catch a boyfriend despite having flaunted her bikini body on Instagram on July 20. (She's referring to a throwback photo of herself in a white bikini during a trip to the French Riviera in Southern France last year.)

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She exclaimed, laughing, “Wala ngang expat or whatever. I’m going global kaya! I’m still single!”

Cherie has been single since her 20-year marriage with Israeli violinist Roni Rogoff ended in 2008.

Talking about being happy with her single life, the actress said, “I’m not looking! Ten years already!”

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Asked if she is open to entertaining suitors, Cherie said she just hasn’t had the chance to fall in love again.

“I’m not in the right place at the right time, it seems. Wala pa siguro. I don’t know why. Naks!"

Does she prefer dating a foreigner?

Cherie replied, “Whoever will come my way, I think. Whoever would be someone who’d be a good friend to me for life,” she tells at the press conference for GMA-7 prime time series Onanay.

Cherie’s love life may have taken a backseat for now, but she seems happy with her showbiz career and spending time with her children during her free time.


Her children, Jay, 31, Bianca, 23, and Raphael, 21 are based in New York, which is why travel is a regular part of her annual itinerary.

Asked about her relationship with them, Cherie said that she is far from the strict mom who meddles with her kids' love lives that she usually portrays on screen.

Cherie remarked, “'Yung pakialamera? No, I don’t. So far, I see my boys are really gentlemen."

“My son's [been] with his girlfriend for the past five years. My youngest son is quite solidly serious.

"Daughter ko is a very independent, strong woman, so she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. She's focused in her schooling."

Cherie added that she maintains good relations with whoever her children are in a relationship with.

"I make friends with them. Whoever they choose, I'm cool with it."

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