For city folk, the beach is an escape. It's where you go when you want to ground and center yourself or to simply take a break from the rat race. But while you're probably wishing that you were living the island life, the fact is that there's really no one stopping you from doing so, or at the very least, from spending more time at the beach. 


These celebs have managed to find the right balance between the city and the sea, so if you're looking for inspirations, look no further than:

Sam Pinto

Sam is currently busy managing her very own resort, L'Sirene Boutique, in Baler, Aurora.

Andi Eigenmann

Andi has always had an affinity with the waves, so she followed her heart and left the Metro for Baler, Aurora.

Mara Lopez

Mara is one of the many who fell in love with Siargao's charm. 

Lauren Reid

Lauren recently opened Sirena Spa Siargao, which, according to her, is her first business.

Rachel Peters

Aside from being Miss Universe Philippines 2017, Rachel Peters also runs her coffee shop, Bake, which is located in Siargao Island.


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Thinking of how you can do the same? Try these #selfcare tips that can help you out:

Always find time for yourself.

Make it a habit to set aside days to chill and leave work behind; after all being alone with your own thoughts in a faraway place is never a waste of time. Learn to enjoy silences and hold them sacred.

Consciously relax.

Right at this moment, notice if your shoulder muscles are tight and stiff—they are, aren't they? That's stress for you. You'll need to be conscious about physically and mentally relaxing and letting go. Same goes for your me-time: whether you do it at the beach or at home, make it a conscious habit.

Learn when to stop.

Let's face it: work never ends. There will always be somthing that will require your attention after you've finished a task, so while we know how hard it is to actually to stop especially when you've got so much to do, train yourself to do so. Enjoy a change of pace and scenery. Trust us, you'll be more efficient when you're well-rested.


Go back to what's valuable to you.

When you think about it, everything boils down to what makes you happy. If you know you're at the fringes of a burnout, drop everything and focus on yourself first. Take a break and take stock of the reasons behind why you're doing what you're doing. Allowing yourself to look at the bigger picture will make you realize that you always have the choice to trade your heels for flip-flops, drive out to the sea, and enjoy the time-off you deserve.

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With additional reporting by Charlene J. Owen.

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