After comedian Vice Ganda posted a photo on his Instagram account showing him with his It’s Showtime co-hosts Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, Ryan Bang, Teddy Corpuz, and Jugs Jugueta, several netizens quickly pointed out the absence of their other co-stars Karylle, Kim Atienza, Coleen Garcia, and Billy Crawford, which then led to a number of the show’s supporters asking if something romantic is brewing between Coleen and Billy.

However, Billy, who had just confirmed his split with Nikki Gil on July 28, lashed out at the commenters, saying that Coleen was not the reason behind his breakup.

“What the hell is wrong with you people? There is nothing about me and Coleen! You guys are just so wrong man,” he wrote. “May problema kayo sakin ako na lang. 'Wag n'yong idamay mga taong walang kinalaman sa hiwalayan namin ni Nikki . Punta kayo sa ABS harapin n'yo ako. Lakas n'yo magsalita tunkol sa kung anong nangyayari eh. Pero wala kayong alam (If you have a problem with me, tell it to me personally. Don’t involve anyone who isn’t involved with my split from Nikki. Go to ABS, face me. How dare you talk about what’s happening, when you don’t know anything!)!!!”

“As much as I’m lost and unhappy, you guys got major problems with your lives,” he continued. “Narrow-minded people! Open your eyes and look in the mirror and ask yourself. Are you content with your life talking about others? Of course not, you guys are perfect! May God bless you all!!! Not even being sarcastic. Bless you all.” reports that after Billy’s outburst, several netizens then expressed their support for him and asked the public to give him the respect and privacy he deserves. Even Vice took the time to comment about the issue.

“Hope u guys who are busy meddling in Billy/Nikki issue find REAL HAPPINESS with what you're doing. God bless!” the comedian wrote.

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