Despite her fame and happy family life, Bianca Gonzalez has had bouts of self-pity.

The 35-year-old celebrity mom admitted to having experienced those moments particularly after giving birth.

Bianca and husband JC Intal now have two daughters—their eldest is two-year-old Lucia, and their newborn Carmen Eliana.

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On Tuesday, January 29, Bianca shared how she managed to rise above those times she felt sorry for herself.

She wrote, "(Warning: long #mommydiaries post) When you are a mom to a newborn, you end up having so many self-pity moments..

"Minsan, for straight days, feeling mo wala ka nang ibang view kundi kwarto, madalas wala kang ligo, minsan nakakalimutan mong kumain.

"Then you feel bad and you end up feeling sorry for yourself.

"It's my second time to go through the newborn stage and I want to share to other mommas the two lessons that have helped me fight the feeling of self-pity."

Bianca reminded moms that asking for help in taking care of the baby does not make one a bad mother.

She wrote, "To know that it is okay if I don't personally do every single diaper change and its okay if I'm not the one carrying my baby to sleep every single time.


"With my firstborn, I would feel so guilty when I would ask someone else to change her diaper.

"I felt I had to do everything myself or else it would make me a 'bad mom.'

"I ended up with close to zero time for myself and it just added to the self-pity.

"I have learned it is okay to ask for help. It is okay to not do every little task myself.

"Its okay if I take time to rest, bathe, eat, and it doesn't make me less of a mom to my baby."

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Bianca also advised moms to surround themselves with people who can help and guide them through the most challenging days of motherhood.

She noted, "That having a support system is so important: surrounding myself with people and products I trust.

"Self-doubt always hits me especially during tiring and difficult days.

"Having a support system at home and friends I can message whenever I need to ask something helps me keep my sanity!


"Having products around me that I trust will take care of my baby the way I want my baby cared for is important for peace of mind."

Toward the end of her post, the Pinoy Big Brother host owned that she still has a lot to learn about motherhood.

In fact, she asked her mommy followers to share their tips and experiences on dealing with self-pity.

She said, "I have sooo much to learn when it comes to mommyhood and I love learning from you mommies, too.

"Please feel free to share with me how you fight those feelings of self-pity. its a safe space here."

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