Assunta de Rossi still has one more wish before she turns 40.

In an exclusive interview with via e-mail, Assunta said she and her husband, Congressman Jules Ledesma, have kept their hopes up for a baby.

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"I wish to become a mom. Probably raise a son to become a car nut like his parents," she wrote in her e-mail.

In an interview with Ricky Lo for Philstar in October 2018, The Impostora actress mentioned the steps she has taken to make this dream come true.

She said in the report, "I’ve been under medication due to infertility and hopefully, next year, we can have a baby already."

This was also the reason she took some time off from showbiz—to avoid unnecessary stress.


On February 26, Assunta celebrated her 36th birthday.

She had a belated birthday celebration with her husband, her mom Nenita Schiavone, and sister, Kita Kita actress Alessandra de Rossi, at Amanpulo Resort, a luxury island resort in Palawan, on February 23.

In her Instagram post, Assunta also thanked the resort for always taking care of her family for over 17 years.

She wrote, "Thank you so much to the staff of villa 25 for taking care of us! You made my birthday really memorable. And thank you @amanpulo for always treating us like family! Almost 17 years and counting!"


In her e-mail, Assunta told, "Tamang-tama, nasa Pilipinas pa yung mom ko noon, so I invited her and my sister para ma-experience din nila.

"We rented a villa, and we all had a lovely time."

As she turned a new chapter of her life, Assunta realized "not everything will go our way."

She shared, "As long as we're breathing, there will always be challenges.

"The beauty of it is, because we're still breathing, we can turn things around. Nothing is permanent, not even pain.

"As long as my family, my immediate family, and my true friends love me and accept me for what I am, I can get through anything.

"No amount of wealth can measure up to that."

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