She's not so little anymore. Ellie Eigenmann turned 7 years old last week, November 23, 2018, and her parents Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito had nothing but sweet messages and wishes for their daughter.

"Every 23rd day of November is an opportunity to celebrate that very moment you came into this beautiful world! Each year, it just becomes more and more meaningful to me," Andi wrote on her birthday appreciation post for Ellie. "I sure feel so blessed to have my favorite human being to share this super awesome life with!" she added.

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"I am excited for what’s in store for this girl! And you are all witness to my promise that I will be there to guide her as she reaches for the stars! Maybe even give her a boost, if needed! Just like in this photo," Andi said. The photo showed Andi giving Ellie a boost, a la cheerleading style. Ellie stood on her mom's thigh with her other leg raised high.

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Jake, on the other hand, talked about growing up in his birthday post for his daughter. He shared Ellie cried and admitted she didn't want to grow up and turn 7 after the photo was taken.

"Though I’d also prefer for you to stay my little girl for always, life’s unfortunately not Neverland. You’re now old enough to tell what’s right from wrong and to have some sense of responsibility," Jake wrote. "But trust that for as long as I’m around, my baby girl you’ll always be. Happy 7th, my love! Your kulit-ness will forever hold a world record," he added.


Despite their controversial history, it seems the two are now very civil with each other, and are focused on showering their daughter with love. Here are some of the cutest snaps of Ellie with her parents:

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