American model Lucky Blue Smith is Penshoppe’s newest brand ambassador–and aside from his charm and good looks, there are a whole lot of other things to admire about him.

1. He’s open minded.
During the Q&A, he was asked if he would ever consider dating a Filipina fan and his answer was, “Of course!” He then added that it doesn’t matter what your nationality is as long as you be yourself. “Just own your personality, be yourself, and that will make me attracted to you. It doesn’t really matter, the race or anything like that.”

2. He’s versatile.

“We all get along. The music definitely helps a lot because we build such a great relationship doing that together and it’s really fun.”

6. He knows how to be professional.
Since he works with his sisters, he still tries to be professional around them–even when they’re arguing. “I can be fighting with you one second, but literally, give me five minutes; let me go skateboard around my house or in the neighbourhood, and I’ll be fine–I’ll forget the differences and what we were fighting about.” He also added that when he and his family are at a shoot, he doesn’t think about anything else other than the shoot. “We just like, leave it behind.”

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