sharon_cuneta.jpgOne door closes and three open in its place as Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s Sunday evening talk show, Sharon, finally comes to an end on ABS-CBN, reports. Sharon is now all set to star in three new shows: Star Power and The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition on ABS-CBN, and Sharon at Home on Lifestyle Network. In Star Power, Sharon will mentor a group of aspiring female singers. In The Biggest Loser, she will be pepping up the contestants on their journey to lose weight as the show’s host.

Things are looking sunny for the Megastar, but these accomplishments don’t make her exempt from detractors. Despite the digs on her weight, however, the Megastar keeps on smiling. Find out how you too can enrich your life with these tips.


Work for the love it, and not for the money. A lot of people are unsatisfied with their jobs precisely because they only do them for the sake of their paycheck. While earning money is important, your happiness is, too. Keep looking for a job that fits you and learn to love it—not only will it make going to work easier, it will give you a sense of self-fulfillment, as well.

More importantly, never give up opportunities to help others, be it through your job or personal capacity. As Sharon says about her new shows, “Now it's no longer about earning a regular paycheck... I want, at the end of my life, I'll be able to say na, well, you did a lot for others in your very short time on this earth. It's so much easier to do good things for other people, than to be selfish.


Sharon confesses that the insults on her weight do hurt her sometimes, but in the end, "Dapat ako, I always laugh at myself, di ba? Parang yun lang ang panlaban mo sa sama ng loob.” So the next time someone throws you an insult, keep your cool and don’t fight back—why agitate yourself further when you can do something more fun? As they say, “Ang pikon, talo,” so, instead of taking others’ harsh words to heart, learn to laugh at yourself. It’s good for your emotional and physical health—laughing releases serotonin and endorphins, which lower anxiety levels and improve the immune system.


Are you getting upset because of a nasty comment you overheard a colleague saying about your work? Don’t sweat it. Why get distressed over a disparaging remark from someone who’s a virtual stranger? As Sharon says about her detractors, “Sumasama ang loob ko, pero hindi ko sila pinapansin. Hindi naman sila importante, e.”

Think about whose opinions matter to you, keep them close to you, and disregard the others. It’s one thing to receive harsh criticism from someone you don’t know personally, and another to hear it from someone who cares about you. If it’s the latter, then reevaluate and decide whether there’s truth to your loved one’s statement and go from there.


What ever your shape or size, be proud of it. Accepting yourself for who you are is the first step in being confident around others, and the more comfortable you are in your own skin, the easier it will be for you to do so. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change anything about yourself—change is constant and unavoidable in life, after all. If you commit to it, though, do it because you want to, and not because others told you to.

Take the Megastar, for example, who gamely says she’s the perfect fit for The Biggest Loser instead of, say, getting a waif-thin model to host. "Ang ganda-ganda mo nga, pero araw-araw, aburido ka. Maganda na yung kumakain tayo ng masarap. Ibig sabihin, masarap yung pagkain natin sa bahay."


Everyone has problems and everyone has a right to complain, but not every problem is as big as you might think it is. Keep your stress levels down by not sweating the small stuff. Instead of focusing on the downside, look for the positives. Try making a list of things that you feel thankful about—you’ll find that the list may be longer than you thought it would be! Having a positive outlook in life will help you go through the bad times more easily. Like Sharon says, “Kahit bali-baligtarin nila ang mundo—masarap ang buhay ko, e. Magrereklamo pa ba 'ko?

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