kristine_hermosa.jpgRoughly a year and a half before she got married to her new husband, Oyo Sotto, actress Kristine Hermosa was still busy with her showbiz career. Her afternoon soap on ABS-CBN, Nasaan Ka, Maruja?, had just ended, and she was working on other projects for TV and film.

By then, Kristine had moved on from her failed marriage with actor Diether Ocampo. “I’m happy with my life now,” she told Marie Claire Philippines. While her work schedule continued to be busy, it was nowhere near as hectic as her overloaded one in the past. “Before, I worked non-stop. I couldn’t go to places that I normally go to, like Church.”

With her relaxed perspective in life came a more important commitment: keeping herself healthy. “I was always working out,” she explained. “My health is important!” Working out is her personal choice, and she gamely goes to the gym on her own for fitness training. “This is something new for myself; to improve myself.”

Want to get into fitness like Kristine Hermosa did? Read on for five tips for improving your health and well-being from this actress.


If you’re really committed to living a healthy lifestyle, plan your regimen and stick to it. As for Kristine, she loves working out and makes it a point to go to the gym regularly. “I surprised myself because I didn’t think I was a health buff. But I feel good. I feel refreshed and I feel stronger.”


While working hard at your job is commendable, giving yourself personal time is also important. “There’s a thin line between being busy and working too hard,” says Kristine. This is why she once took a break from showbiz to give herself time to concentrate on her well-being, as well as hang out with her family and friends. “I had fun.”  

3.    EAT WELL.

Having a healthy diet plays a big part in keeping you fit. Kristine shares the advantages of making the switch from junk to healthy food. “I felt the difference. I used to eat junk food. And then tried eating healthy, and I felt I had more energy.” Yet she gives herself time to indulge in sinful foods too. “How can you enjoy life? Weekends are my cheat days.”


Traditional exercise (AKA using exercise machines) isn’t the only thing you can do to keep yourself active. At Kristine’s gym, she’s tried other activities like yoga and Pilates, bellydancing, hip-hop, and ballroom. By trying different things, you can keep yourself interested in exercise.   


After her marriage with Diether Ocampo fell apart a few years ago, Kristine picked herself up and got in touch with her inner self by attending self-help seminars. These sessions are “really just about yourself and your relationships,” Kristine shares, and these really helped her get through the hard times.

(First published in Marie Claire as, “In Fine Form,” by Lou Albano in August 2009; adapted for use in Female Network; photo courtesy of
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