younghusbands_extra.jpgTwo members of the Azkals, the Philippine national football team, join clothing brand Collezione-C2 as its new ambassadors. English-Filipino athletes Phil and James Younghusband may have been born in England, but they remain proud of their Filipino roots.

“When the partnership with Collezione-C2 was suggested,” James shares, “we [Phil and I] both had no qualms about representing the brand because we have something in common—a love for originality, creativity, Pinoy pride, and living out one’s passion.”

Read on to see what advice these two men had to share about  discovering your passions. Then click through the gallery below to see the Younghusbands sporting Collezione-C2’s outfits.


When you’re doing what you love, the rest will follow. James shares how their passion for football makes it so much easier to strive for excellence. “We’re both lucky that we’re doing something that we really love and enjoy. It definitely makes a difference when you have a heart for what you do—it pushes you to do well, to go beyond what is expected of you.”


Innovation is always the name of the game, so while it's important to respect traditions, don’t get too caught up in them that you fail to think out of the box. The best way to face the future is to be open-minded and ready for the challenges life will throw at you. James shares some great advice for people who are wary of change: “Don’t hold back or be afraid to try new things—after all, you won’t know how you feel about something unless you give it a try.”  

3.    DON’T GIVE UP.

Phil believes that understanding what you are passionate about will help you discover your goals in life, so be persistent when it comes to finding out and pursuing what you really want to do. “Finding your passion is not something that will happen overnight. You have to persevere, keep trying, and never give up,” he explains. “Practice patience, because at the end of the day, when you discover what gets you going, it’s all going to be worth it. Your passion will motivate you, transform you, and when used properly, even make a difference in others’ lives.”


James and Phil are excited and grateful to be playing for the Philippine team. Their combined passion and love for the country are the main reasons why they both chose to live in the Philippines permanently. “It’s a real honor and privilege to represent the country for a sport that has not gained as much recognition as it should,” James says. “And of course, it makes us happy that so many Filipinos are now learning to appreciate football. We want to keep that going, and hopefully keep on winning so that we can make our mark on the international football scene.”


Don’t wait for change to start happening to you and your surroundings: begin the changes yourself. In order to change Filipinos’ general perception that football is an elite sport, James and Phil started a six-month football training program for kids with the full backing of their parents.  “[This] year, we decided to go across the country with a grassroots program for public school teachers in the province to help us promote the sport more strategically, and so that we can ensure that the cycle of helping young people live out their passion for it is continuous and ongoing,” Phil adds.

(All photos courtesy of Collezione-C2)

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