It’s easy to view Doug and Chesca Garcia-Kramer as a perfect couple, and in truth, it really seems like neither of them has anything to worry about. Even with children in the picture, the two still sport the aura of a newly attached, love-drunk pair. Still, like most married folks, they also have their fair share of squabbles, which they deal with by finding a happy medium between the two of them.

“If there are things that I don’t really agree on, I also put my foot down,” Chesca stresses. “We find a common ground and we try to resolve the problem. [We don’t always] agree but we choose to live harmoniously.”

Keep on reading to see a few other marriage tips from Doug and Chesca!


1. Take care of yourself. Don’t let go of yourself. It’s important. Even if you have kids, still make an effort to look good for your spouse.”

2. Find something to do. Whether you’re a housewife or a career woman, do something for yourself—like starting a business. This will help you feel fulfilled and your husband will see that you’re also someone he can brag about. If you feel good about yourself, your partner will feel good about you.”


1. Communication. Always talk about things. Whether about problems, or anything about the house or the relationship, you guys have to be open to each other.”

2. Don’t ever let the sun go down on your problems. Always try to resolve them within the day.

Find out more about Doug and Chesca Garcia-Kramer by grabbing a copy of Good Housekeeping’s June 2013 issue, out on stands now! You can also subscribe to the magazine’s digital edition.

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(Photo by Sara Black)

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