We got the chance to chat with the actress during her official debut as the face of Avon's Sheer Passion scents, and found out how much she's just like us! Read on to see if you have something in common with her.

1. Jessy Mendiola knows the unofficial selfie pose.*Peace*

2. She knows how to appreciate good food.

"I eat a lot of protein, and I eat a lot of veggies, too," Jessy shares.

3. Her love for sweets shows on her choice of scents, too.

"I have a sweet tooth talaga. Doon ako nagkakalaman, sa chocolates,"she reveals. Among the Avon Sheer Passion Scents, her favorite is Very Captivating. "It has a hint of caramel kasi," Jessy explains.

4. She also considers coffee as fuel on days when she lacks sleep.

"I'm an insomniac. Magaling ako mga knockout tulog, like kunwari an hour or 30 minutes," Jessy discloses.

5. Jessy sometimes forgets to take makeup off (in this case, her lipstick) after a tiring night.


But of course, this is a bad habit!

6. Jessy enjoys spending time with her family.

7. Oh, she doesn't mind goofing around with people she loves.

8. The actress adores the beauty of flowers.

9. Jessy is vocal about hating body-shamers—she doesn't mind not having a thigh gap."

"My body may not be perfect. But I'm improving it to be at its best. I only have one body. God gave it to me and it's really important to prioritize it and to love it. So you may say whatever you want to say, but I LOVE my body. Every single part of it. Yes, that includes my thunder thighs," her caption says.

10. Jessy understands the power of red lipstick.

"Whenever I feel ugly, I put my red lipstick on," she tells us. Her favorite shade is MAC Ruby Woo.

11. She is pleased with the easy-peasy maintenance of short hair.

"[Short hair is] hassle-free! There was this time na sobrang haba ng hair ko, tapos I just wanted a change. I wanted to cut it short, so I had it cut! I think it's better kasi tipid ka sa shampoo and ang hirap suklayin ['pag mahaba]."

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