We're still completely besotted with the dainty details of Megan Young and Mikael Daez's wedding. The more we think about it, the more impressed we become. The couple took the practical route when it came to the entire process of wedding planning, and they were able to do so without compromising their dream nuptials. What a feat, really! 

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So if you’re planning on walking down the aisle anytime soon, you might want to score a tip or two from this newly minted missus. Below, five times Megan Young (and husband Mikael Daez) blew us away with their unconventional bridal decisions:

1. Megan drove their bridal car.

No chauffeur? No problem! Not to be a minute late to the celebration, this modern bride drove herself and her new husband to their wedding reception. We can't think of anything cooler.

2. They hosted their own wedding reception.

Well, if you have what it takes to host your own wedding reception, then by all means, go do it! It's exactly what Megan and Mikael did when the two held their intimate nuptials with only the presence of their family and close friends—they knew best how to entertain their guests, how to make them laugh, and how to make them stay 'til the end of the party!


Saab Magalona-Bacarro, who was one of the invitees, best explained it via her Instagram post: "One of my favorite things [that happened] at the reception as the couple made their entrance with microphones in their hands: Mik: 'As you can see, we’re hosting our own wedding because... Why not?' Megan: 'And also, nagtitipid kami.' Looooool classic Megan and Mikael!!!" she captions.

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3. She also changed into sneakers for the reception.

This beauty queen does not need to prove herself to anyone. She already did that when she brought home the Miss World 2013 crown, so we're well aware that she has no problems sashaying down the catwalk in towering heels. That said, her wedding was no beauty pageant—and for this special day, comfort was of utmost priority. She enjoyed every minute of being a bride in no-nonsense sneakers while dancing with her beau for the first time as husband and wife.


4. Megan's original wedding dress costs less than P4000!

In case you missed it, Megan and Mikael tied the knot twice! The first and official one was "an intimate ceremony at Caleruega attended by 10 loved ones," as the bride later on revealed. And the catch? She wore an off-the-rack little white dress from Zoo Label, which cost her—we swear we're not kidding—only P3590!

5. Meanwhile, for the second wedding, she still opted for simple dresses with no embellishments.

Given her first bridal look, you'd probably assume that she finally went all out when they got married the second time around, but Megan was consistent with what she wanted: minimalist, elegant, and classic. She turned to Patricia Santos for a floor-length white frock with sheer sleeves and a low back—"the simplest wedding dress I’ve ever made," says the bridal designer.

Moving on to the wedding reception, the bride only had one request from designer Boom Sason for her second outfit. "I love that you made this process so easy and fun, giving me just one solid requirement: That you’ll be able to dance in your #boomsasonweddingclassics reception dress," the designer revealed in her Instagram post.


Needless to say, all her wedding dresses were gorgeous despite being devoid of sparkles and beadwork. Megan has made one thing clear, too: She wasn't after a princess moment. After all, she's already a queen in her own right.

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