Out of all the stories you’ll get to tell in your lifetime, how he proposed will always be one of the most memorable ones. Here, six women share the stories that started their road to forever.

He planned a summer overnight trip with our close friends in Anilao, Batangas, and we stayed in a simple house overlooking the beach. Our group decided to take photos of the sunset when he pointed to a pantalan and suggested we have a Tabing Ilog type of photo shoot. After taking photos and joking with each other, I sat down and dangled my feet over the edge of the pantalan while he stood up and went behind me. When I got restless, I stood up, turned around, and was surprised to see him down on one knee with an opened box in his hand, the ring inside the box. He said, “[Gusto ko] yung ganitong buhay, yung simple lang, yung ikaw at ako lang,” then asked if I would marry him. When I hesitated, he asked if I wanted him to give the ring to someone else. I immediately came to my senses and gave him my “Yes!” After he put the ring on my finger, he gave a thumbs-up to my friends, who had been watching nearby and taking photos of the moment. –Angelica Isaac–Lim Aga

As a litigation lawyer, I attend court hearings on an ordinary basis. So when my boss told me to appear at the Regional Trial Court of Manila for an arraignment in a criminal case, I didn’t think anything of it. I just found it weird that my mom and sister had made sure I was wearing a nice dress that day, my secretary kept checking on me to see if I looked okay, my best friend –also a fellow lawyer—was at the Manila City Hall when I arrived, and the Presiding Judge happened to be the mom of one of my close friends. After I made my appearance for the accused, the people in the courtroom (who turned out to be from the Thomson Reuters Chorus) suddenly started singing “I Could Not Ask For More” by Edwin McCain and Keith was walking through the door and headed towards me. I felt a burst of happiness, nervousness, disbelief, and excitement. To be honest, I couldn’t understand every word he said, and next thing I know, he was asking, “Yes? Yes?” I just nodded repeatedly and cried while he put the ring on my finger, and cried even more when I saw that our entire families and close friends were also there. A production crew also came out, as it turned out there were GoPro cameras hidden in all corners of the courtroom to capture to moment. The judge then struck the gavel and declared, “Case closed!” Our proposal story surprisingly went viral and was even featured in the news! –Christine Santos-Razo

We started our relationship in agreement that our birthdays will be celebrated by giving back. In our case, a build in a Gawad Kalinga village we dearly loved. The year he proposed was to me just another celebration of our birthday - building homes with our loved ones and sharing meals with the poor. After a long morning of hard work, lunch was on the agenda. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to lead the prayer and I dismissively said, “sure!” Nothing to it. He started by thanking God for the opportunity to give back and to do it with family and friends. As I fervently prayed with him, he started asking God if He could talk to me directly. And in an instant, (it was all a blur to me really) he knelt down and presented a Polly Pocket house. Since we were building houses for the poor, he led towards wanting to create a home with me. He opened the little house and there it was, a ring to ask for my hand with the closest of our friends and family sealed within a prayer. –Michelle Sta. Catalina-Manalastas

My fiance is an artistic guy and a designer by profession. It was his birthday that night so we made dinner plans at Blackbird. It crossed my mind that he might propose, but he seemed so normal and not nervous during dinner that by the time dessert was over, I thought, “He probably won't do it tonight!” After we ate, he started leading me to the garden outside, by a quiet corner under a tree. He told me, "Remember I told you I've been painting again? I painted my vision." Not too far from us, I noticed a white sheet covering something. And when he removed the sheet I was so surprised to see this gorgeous painting - of ME! He got down on one knee and of course I said yes. His sisters (who apparently were there the whole time) sneakily snapped photos so we were able to capture the moment! He said this was his best birthday gift ever. –Kris Alcantara

Jared and I had always said that we wanted to get married before we hit 30. So when I was nearing the age of 29, I was starting to get excited about the idea of him proposing to me. Thinking he would propose to me on my birthday, I made sure to dress up for our dinner date. But when nothing had happened yet by the time we had dessert, I knew this was not the night. While we were having dessert, he kept asking why I was sad, and I kept telling him that I wasn’t sad, and was happy we were celebrating my birthday together. He excused himself to go to the restroom, and after 30 minutes had passed and he hadn’t returned, I was starting to get annoyed that he was spending the last few minutes of my birthday in the restroom! Then, romantic music blasted loudly through the restaurant and Jared came in, with the waiters walking behind him and filming us. He said that this is the last night that I will feel sad thinking I will be alone, because we’ll be together forever if I agree to marry him. Of course, I said yes! And that’s when he revealed to me that he was planning to propose to me on his birthday, but since I looked so sad today, he decided to propose already so we could be happy forever. He did everything during the 30 minutes he was away—he called my parents to ask for permission, talked to the restaurant waiters to film the moment, and get the ring from his car. It’s my favorite day of my life so far! –Carmi Calsado

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was so bored in the house that I asked my then-boyfriend, now-husband if we could go out. He kept stalling me, saying, “Kulet, ang init-init, huwag na tayong lumabas,” so I decided to just take a nap instead. After an hour, he woke me up to tell me that there were policemen at the door, asking to speak with the owner of the vehicle in front of our house. When I went downstairs, I saw three policemen in full battle gear, with their handguns holstered to their sides. They said, “Ma’am, imbitahan po sana namin kayo sa Crame. May Richard Yu na nagrereklamo at nagke-claim na sa kanya ‘yang kotse na ‘yan.” They explained that we had been under surveillance for months, then showed me a letter with the logo of the PNP. It seemed legit, so even if deep inside I was panicking, I told them I would just freshen up and we would go with them. We got into our car with my sister and one of the policemen in the backseat, when he suddenly told us we had to pass by Casimiro, Las Pinas, to pick up their team lead. Even if I was joking around with the policeman, I was really trembling inside. When we arrived at the location, I saw my brother and one of our high school friends, and that’s when it hit me. I broke down and cried, and it was the moment na pakiramdam ko lumulutang ako at nag-flashback ang lahat ng nangyari between us. Then I looked at the police and said, “Kuya!! Ano ka??” And at the same time, my husband pulled out the ring and I didn’t know what he said! All I know is I was crying and cursing at the same time, “Gago ka, kulet! Ang sama mo. Gago ka!!!” And then I had the ring on my finger, all of our friends came out of the restaurant taking pictures and videos, and the policemen were all laughing at me. Of course, my husband was smiling from ear to ear dahil naisahan niya ako. After all, I did tell him I didn’t want a cheesy proposal with flowers and chocolates! –Anisa Privado-Pe
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