Tin and Julius' love story began in Manila, and they shared their love story with all their loved ones by having a Modern Manila theme. With a bold color palette and quirky details, the couple's big day became a fun, hip, and unique affair.

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Love Story

Tin and Julius both hail from Cavite, and their families were familiar with each other. Their families also belonged to the same parish, but it was through a common friend that Tin and Julies got to know each other personally. When they both went to Manila to pursue their respective degrees, their mere acquaintance developed into friendship, and eventually to romance. "Funny how we both lived in Cavite all our lives, but we fell in love when we went to live in Manila," Tin shares.

Seven years into their relationship, Julius decided to ask for Tin's hand in marriage. He took her to a boutique hotel in Tagaytay, where a special room was prepared. Julius also had a custom-made cake adorned with Tin's favorite chocolates, Maltesers, prepared. As they were about to eat the cake, Tin realized that the top tier could be removed. When they did, Tin found a small space inside the cake with a ring. With such a sweet and special ring box, Tin could not say anything else but yes to Julius.

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Wedding Preparations

Because they fell in love in Manila, Tin and Julius decided to have Modern Manila as theme for their wedding. The couple chose a vibrant aqua, fuchsia and yellow color palette to accompany the theme to give their celebration a fun and hip vibe. Popular monuments and common pedestrian sightings in Manila were used as main elements for the couple's themed affair.


Aside from featuring quirky details, Tin and Julius' wedding was also marked with a fun-filled reception program. The couple patterned their festivities after a noontime show to give the party a distinctly Pinoy vibe. Instead of having the usual program, the couple's reception turned out to be like their very own concert.

With the effort they lovingly poured into planning their wedding, Tin and Julius made their big day nothing short of memorable. Tin tells planning couples, "Enjoy the preparations and pick your battles." "Don't fight over every little thing. A wedding is a joining of families, so make it fun and happy for everybody," she adds.

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