Shew and Jason marked their church wedding with a dreamy pink, purple and gray color palette. Dainty and personalized details left a heartwarming stamp on the couple's special day.

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Love Story

Shew and Jason's paths first crossed back in 2004 at a videoke bar. They were both there with their friends for the exact same reason--they have just had their hearts broken. When Shew's friends dedicated a break-up song to her, Jason's friends reacted as well. Then one of Jason's friends went up to Shew, and asked for her name--they found out that they worked for the same company and just belonged to different departments.

The next time they saw each other was when they were both assigned to work on the same project. However, the two didn't click right away as they had unpleasant impressions of each other. Even if they were often teased by their colleagues, they held on to their pride, and insisted then that they weren't each other's type. Shew only began to be nice to Jason when she found one assignment difficult and needed his help.

When their team had to be dissolved, Shew expressed how much she would miss Jason. "Our team decided to have breakfast, for the last time as a team. And we decided to catch the earliest movie in the cinema. Everyone agreed but one by one they dropped out--leaving just the two of us behind. It was a little awkward, but we just went with it!" Shew recalls. After the movie, Shew and Jason spent a lot of time talking, and were pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed each other's company. From then on, they knew that there shared something special. After three weeks of constant dates, calls, and text messages, the two officially became a couple after Shew told Jason she loved him over the phone.


Five years into their relationship, Jason popped the question to Shew one fine Sunday morning. The simple proposal led them to have a civil wedding on November 5, 2010, and the couple walked down the church aisle a year later.

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Wedding Preparations

Shew and Jason wanted their big day to be classic, elegant, pretty, and heartwarming. To achieve their dream wedding, the couple opted for a chic pink, purple, and grey color palette. Dainty details laced their November affair, which was a result of a successful collaboration between the bride and her suppliers.

As Shew was abroad most of the time while planning her wedding, she is grateful to have had online resources to turn to. Shew admits that she had a lot of DIY ideas in her head, but was unable do them so she just sought the help of her coordinator, who gladly obliged and delivered.

With the love that their wedding exuded, Shew made sure that she took time to savor every moment of their special day. She shares, "One best advice I received from a friend t is to stop every now and then [on your big day]. From the preps venue to the church, and to the reception, take mental photographs of everything happening in front of you. This will help you stay calm, and will also help you remember moments so the day won't just past you by." She adds, "When the church door opened. I took my time and waited for 20 seconds before I started walking. I really felt that moment and ‘til now I still have fresh memories of our special day."

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Find out about their wedding preparations

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