Following Roni and Aaron's engagement was a classic wedding that paid tribute to the bride's Spanish heritage. The couple's wedding featured details that celebrated their love and new life together.

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Love Story

Roni and Aaron met through Aaron's cousin, who was also Roni's college blockmate. One summer, Aaron's cousin gave him Roni's number, and the two started talking on the phone. They got along with each other very well, and a few months after summer ended, Roni and Aaron became a couple.

Getting married had already been a topic of conversation for Roni and Aaron before they got engaged. They had already discussed wanting to get married, but they had never really set a date; so Aaron's proposal--and the way he did it--came as a big surprise for Ronnie.


During a friend's party, Aaron suddenly announced to everyone in the room that he and Roni were getting married the next December. "Everyone started shouting, while I was in shock. I guess, from then on, we were officially engaged," Roni fondly recalls. The couple tied the knot just as November ended.

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Wedding Preparations

Inspired by Roni's Spanish ancestry, Roni and Aaron decided to have a Spanish flamenco theme for their big day. Luckily for Roni and Aaron, they were able to find suppliers who not only understood what they wanted but also were able to take care of multiple wedding details.

In keeping with the Spanish flamenco theme, red roses were arranged all over the reception venue, and the cake was decorated with red fondant roses. Roni's and her bridesmaids' dresses were inspired by the attire of Spanish flamenco dancers. The couple also sourced their own Spanish-inspired souvenirs. The couple gave out wooden castanets from Paete. They placed the castanets in Sinamay bags with tags they had printed themselves--and their do-it-yourself projects saved them from additional costs.


Roni and Aaron couldn't have had a more extraordinary wedding than the Spanish flamenco-themed celebration that they shared with their loved ones.

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