With a theme dubbed as A Kitchen Love Affair, Rhea and Jay Jay's outdoor wedding exhibited irresistible charm and whimsy. Chocolates, candies, and chic details made their event a sweet affair to remember.

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Love Story

Rhea and Jay Jay met back in 1991, when they were still both in third grade. They were both class bullies, with Rhea leading the girls and Jay Jay heading the boys. At that time, Jay Jay was already pursuing Rhea, and would always give Rhea gifts. He even gave her a note filled with I love you's, which Rhea, freaked out by the note, slapped against his face. That was the last time they saw each other then. When they both graduated from grade school, the two didn't see much of each other anymore as Rhea's family moved to a new house.

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And after 12 long years, Rhea and Jay Jay met each other again at a restaurant, where Rhea was the head chef. When Jay Jay walked into the restaurant, Rhea thought that she recognized him, but shied away and didn't greet him as she remembered the last instance they saw each other. Rhea then found out that Jay Jay was a regular customer in their restaurant. The days following that encounter always forced Rhea to hide her face from Jay Jay as he would always look her way.

One day at the restaurant, Jay Jay saw Rhea with her bestfriend, who was also their grade school batchmate. Jay Jay then broke the ice and reconnected with Rhea. It was in August 2005 when they started going out on dates. Five years later, they found themselves deciding to exchange I do's. "There wasn't any formal proposal. We've been together for five years, and we just knew that it was time. One day, we just both said, 'Hey, what do you think about seeing a florist today?'."


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Wedding Preparations

Rhea and Jay Jay tied the knot with a whimsical outdoor wedding with the theme A Kitchen Love Affair. A chic brown and pink color palette accompanied the theme, which lent a charming vibe to the couple's celebration at The Inn at Cliffhouse in Tagaytay.

By lacing their event with warm and fun details, the couple made sure that both young and adult guests would enjoy their wedding. Rhea and Jay Jay even had a dessert and candy buffet, which satisfied everyone's sweet cravings. The couple--with their closest friends and kitchen staff--also prepared Belgian chocolate truffles to give away as sweet treats to guests.

To ensure that everything they envisioned would be realized, Rhea and Jay Jay were hands-on with the wedding preparations. The bride admits that the groom busied himself with meeting with suppliers that would help them achieve their dream wedding. "Unlike any other groom, [my] groom had a hand in a lot of the preparations for our wedding. He kept me sane during the [process]," the bride exclaims. The bride shares that planning couples should learn to do away with pressure. "[It] should not be on your vocabulary. Just have fun [planning your wedding] together," she says.


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