When Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines Editor-in-Chief Paulynn Chang-Afable tied the knot with her beau, Paul, she put to good use what she learned from working for the illustrious wedding magazine.

The first thing on Paulynn's to-do list was choosing a theme. She made sure that the wedding's theme would not only set the mood for the affair, but more importantly, it would make their union even more meaningful. "I wanted a theme--more than just a color motif--that could be applied to all the wedding elements, from flowers to fabric, favors to food. [I wanted] to make sure that there was something that would tie them all together and create a seamless flow. It's the Martha in me," Paulynn shares. With a variety of ideas, Paulynn and Paul decided to go with a Thai-inspired celebration. She explains, "We chose the Thai theme because Paul and I simply love Thailand--it was [where we went on] our first trip out of the country as a twosome. Plus, saying that we love Thai food is an understatement."


The couple chose a warm and vibrant orange, chocolate brown, and cream color palette to complement their theme. At the reception, the bright pops of cheery orange and the laid-back rustic charm of the brown and cream hues set a nice contrast in the décor. To fully channel a Thai feel, the décor featured different varieties of orchids--Mokara, Vanda, Dendrobium, and Cymbidium. "I wanted nothing but orchids!  I'm such a fan of the very-Martha concept of using a single flower to create drama," Paulynn gushes.

Aside from incorportating Thai sensibilities in the styling, Paulynn and Paul also tied their theme with their wedding feast. Modern Thai cuisine, care of Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico, was served at the reception. Paulynn shares, "If there was something Paul was particular about, it was the food! We had about four tastings to make sure we got everything just right." Of course, the food was also served with the Thai theme in mind--the chefs garnished each glass of iced tea and dessert plate with a single orchid bloom.


In true Martha Stewart style, Paulynn filled her wedding with cohesive and meaningful details that made everything warm, intimate, and laced with love.

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