Patchi and JV marked their wedding on September 10, 2011 (9-10-11) with a mix of traditions and modern surprises. While their affair was formal, the vibe was still intimate, cozy, and upbeat.

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Love Story

Patchi and JV met in 2005 at a retreat called Life's Directions, where they became really good friends and even served a community together. Three years later, their friendship took a different turn.

JV went on a trip to Hong Kong with their friends. Patchi wasn't among his trip companions, and Patchi's absence allowed JV to see things clearly. "[JV] realized I was the travel companion he wanted to be with for life. He came back [from] Hong Kong and immediately courted me. We've been together ever since," Patchi shares.


In July 2010, JV and Patchi went on a vacation in Singapore. After a long day of touring the city, Patchi was very exhausted, and she begged JV to go back to the hotel and cancel their ride on the Singapore Flyer. JV was adamant about continuing with the ride, and after a little prodding, Patchi agreed to push through with their original plan to get on the Singapore Flyer, where she had always wished JV would propose--little did she know then that that was exactly what JV had in mind.

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When their ride reached the highest point, JV suddenly knelt down before Patchi and presented her with a ring nestled on colorful confetti. The two alighted the ride so much happier, and with exhaustion forgotten.

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Wedding Preparations

Patchi and JV picked the novel date September 10, 2011 (9-10-11) for their wedding. While they filled their event with classic and formal details, their affair still had that light, upbeat, and cozy vibe. Participation from the couple's respective families also made the charming affair even warmer.


The couple's wedding exhibited a mix of cherished traditions and refreshing modern surprises. The bride's dance with her father and brothers at the reception proved to be a a touching moment, as it was the bride's first time to dance with them. Moreover, the bride is the youngest child and the last one to get married in their family. After the heartwarming dance, the couple surprised guests with a dance number to the tune of Moves Like Jagger. The number became an exciting and unexpected highlight of Patchi and JV's formal wedding.

By mixing classic and contemporary ideas, and by collaborating with their loved ones, Patchi and JV pulled off a formal yet fun affair.

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