Pam and Doj tied the knot with a fun-filled wedding that featured a modern and minimalist theme. With a black and white color motif, the couple's affair exhibited a sleek and charming style.

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Love Story

Pam and Doj kissed the first time they met. They were at a common friend's birthday party on a lovely February night, where found themselves conversing non-stop after they were introduced. With the obvious spark between them, they sealed the night with a kiss, and that heralded more wonderful times together.

Their chemistry allowed them to forge a strong relationship, and eventually, Doj decided to pop the question to Pam. On their way to Hong Kong for a vacation, Pam was surprised to see Doj all dressed-up. When they reached their destination, Doj asked Pam to come with him to Victoria Peak.


"The weather was perfect, we went around and saw how beautiful the whole place was. We kept on going around without me knowing that Doj was already looking for his perfect spot," Pam recalls. They reached a corner that offered a breathtaking view. Pam--from her peripheral--saw Doj kneel down, and she thought that he was just tying his shoe lace, "Then he said, ‘Marry me ha,' which he always says, so I thought it was just one of those sweet nothings brought upon by the lovely place. But when I looked at him, he was holding an open box with a ring," shares Pam. She cried in glee, hugged Doj, and said yes to him five minutes later.

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Wedding Preparations

Pam and Doj celebrated the beginning of their lives together with a fun and love-filled wedding. The celebration took on a modern and minimalist theme, which featured a black, white, silver, and grey color scheme. The couple's unique choice of colors allowed their affair to exhibit a sleek and charming vibe. Even guests came in ensembles according to the wedding's color motif, which made the wedding truly an elegant affair.

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Come the reception, the couple kept the program short. They did away with the usual reception program staples, and just featured audio visual presentations prepared by their friends. "We edited out the bouquet toss during the program. At the after party, the single ladies were requesting for the bouquet to be tossed [but] we couldn't find [the bouquet] anymore, so we just got a [floral] table centerpiece and used it for the toss," Pam fondly recalls. With their wedding's festive air, Pam and Doj proved that black and white can still paint a colorful evening.

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