Kristine and Ernan exchanged I do's the second time around with a simple themed wedding. Shabby chic details and a pastel color palette gave their wedding the makings of a heartwarming celebration.

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Love Story

Kristine and Ernan started off as mere officemates. They eventually became good friends, but they didn't see each other in a romantic way. Their colleagues would often tease them, but it took two years before they realized that they shared something special. When they were both assigned to work in India, their friendship turned to something more. "One day, it just happened--we just held hands and [we became a couple]," shares Kristine.

Two years into their relationship, the couple then decided to get married. "There neither was a proposal, nor an engagement.  We just thought it was the right time to get married," says Kristine. They headed to the municipal hall of Tagaytay, and personally requested the Regional Trial Court judge to preside their civil wedding at Antonio's, where 30 guests served as witnesses. "I have always wanted a very intimate wedding with just our closest friends and family, and a string duo for our music. Everyone really felt [the solemnity of the event]. We were just holding hands the entire time," recalls Kristine.

After their heartfelt civil wedding, the two didn't think they would still have a church wedding. However, they found themselves pleasantly surprised as they caught themselves booking a church later on.


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Wedding Preparations

For their church wedding, Kristine and Ernan wanted everything to be classic and simple. With unfussy details in mind, the couple worked with a shabby chic inspiration and chose dainty pastel hues for their color palette. Not only did the celebration turn out to be an organized affair, but the couple and their friends also found the affair very relaxing. Moreover,the couple enjoyed their second wedding with more loved ones in attendance to celebrate the day with.

In planning for a second wedding, the bride gained a lot of lessons that she wishes to share with other brides. Among her pieces of advice is considering your partner when making decisions. "This is not just the bride's wedding--it's also [the] groom's. It's always fun to involve your partner in the wedding planning. I think it worked well [for us] because my husband was very supportive of my ideas, and was not afraid to share his own," says Kristine.

Moreover, Kristine asserts that it is important to invest in the right suppliers and trust the services that they offer. "Get the suppliers not for the reason that they are affordable, but for the reason that they are reasonable," she says. She adds, "They are paid professionals for [a reason], so don't worry and stress about every single detail of your wedding."

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