Engaged through an unusual manner, Kai and Cyrus also tied the knot with a one-of-a-kind wedding. The festivities took the couple and their guests around the famous Boracay Island. With their unique and quirky wedding, the couple was able to celebrate their love for each other, and share with their loved ones the things they enjoy.

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Love Story

Kai and Cyrus met in 2007 through a common friend--and they didn't exactly hit it off. She thought he was arrogant while he thought she was snobbish. But the two got over their unpleasant first impressions of each other, and they got together as a couple a year later. "He asked me to be his girlfriend in the most creative way imaginable. [O]ur relationship [then] bloomed for two years without fighting at all--only charming monthsary ideas to keep us together," the bride writes in her blog.

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Unlike most couples, Kai and Cyrus already started planning their wedding even before there was any formal proposal. But Cyrus still wanted to surprise Kai. On their anniversary dinner, Cyrus gifted Kai with a pair of engagement earrings. "He said that everyone else would have an engagement ring, but he felt that I deserved something more unique," shares the bride.

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Wedding Preparation

A unique engagement entailed an out-of-the-box wedding for Kai and Cyrus. Instead of having the usual wedding ceremony and reception program, the couple opted to take their guests to favorite places in Boracay--they named the fun affair Bora Hop.

When the couple's guests arrived, they were each handed with a personalized welcome kit. Each kit contained a welcome note, a love card (since the day before the wedding was Valentines Day), notepads for doodling, redemption cards for calamansi muffins from Real Coffee, and colorful scented soaps.


After a heartfelt exchange of vows at the beach front of White House Beach Resort, the couple and their guests headed to The Tides Sun Deck Solstice for cocktails during the Happy Hour. Everyone then proceeded to dinner. The bride shares, "[Dinner] at True Food was very memorable because [it] was hosted by my maids-of-honor, and there were a lot of powerful, heartfelt, tear-jerker speeches not just from our parents and friends but even from Jason Magbanua (our videographer), and Amanda Tirol (our coordinator)." To cap off the night, everyone proceeded to the Bamboo Lounge's Sand Bar for more drinks and an exciting fire dance show.

With such a lovely, one-of-a-kind wedding, Kai and Cyrus indeed put their stamp on their big day. Kai asserts: "Fight for your own ideas. At the end of the day, it is your wedding. You don't have to conform. Create your own rules and your own dream wedding."


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