Friends-turned-lovers Jona and Alvin tied the knot at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay with yellow as their chosen motif. The January affair was marked with a lot of DIY projects, a bright garden setting, and a cheery crowd.

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Love Story

Jona and Alvin met through a common friend named Bruce. Jona and Bruce were once officemates, while Alvin and him were housemates, and knew each other since college. Jona and Alvin eventually met when Jona, along with some friends, came over to visit Bruce. "It was crush at first sight for me but I wasn't looking for anything serious at the time. I just came from a long-term relationship and had declared myself 'closed for renovations.' Alvin also came from a long-term relationship that had just ended, so for the next few months, we all just hung out as a group, which was fun because we got to know each other in a very relaxed, "no expectations" kind of way," Jona shares.

Several park dates, blog threads, and five months later, the two became a couple--and then two and half years into the relationship, the two got engaged through a private blog entry. "He wrote an entry inviting me to meet him at Salcedo Park (which is one of the parks we always hang out in) at a certain time and date. [He] said he wanted to ask me a question, and that he would be waiting with snacks and his heart on [his] sleeve.  We got engaged at sunset," Jona fondly recalls.

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Wedding Preparations

Jona and Alvin's January wedding in Tagaytay was a warm, bright, and cheerful event marked with a lot of quirky DIY projects and a laidback ambiance. "[We] wanted a relaxed wedding where you can move easily because you feel comfortable about what you were wearing and about your surroundings," shares Jona. Their afternoon ceremony was bathed in cheery sunlight and exuded a happy, upbeat vibe.

"The entire wedding was a huge DIY project! Alvin and I DIY-ed all the décor for both the ceremony and reception," Jona gushes. They adorned Sonya's Garden with chic details that were both unique and heartwarming.

The awesome pair weren't the only ones who made their dream wedding come to life. "Come wedding day, we had a team of family and friends--including Ericson and his team (The Really Useful Crew production design team)--who contributed to our initial vision of how the place would look after it was [spruced] up. [They] generously set up the venues for us before getting dressed and attending as guests," Jona proudly shares.


With the help of loved ones, Jona and Alvin's union turned out to be a truly unforgettable day for them and their guests. Aside from valuing teamwork, Jona admits to have learned something more. "It's true what they say, you learn a lot of things about your partner through the course of wedding planning. Alvin and I have been together for three years before buckling down to serious wedding planning--and we've never been as irritated at each other as during the few months we spent planning our wedding! In the end though, it feels really good knowing that [you] worked towards something important to both of you, and that you succeeded because you stuck together."

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