Ira and CJ's nontraditional love story reached a very important point when they decided to tie the knot without any formal proposal from CJ. The couple decided to have a modern Moroccan-themed wedding, which fit their complementing personalities and showed how strong love can be, even without all the bells and whistles.

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Their Love Story

Ira and CJ clicked instantly without much fanfare. They were introduced to each other by a common friend, and about a month later, they were a couple. While they immediately felt a connection, their relationship also had its own set of challenges, but the couple always saw to it that things worked out for the best. "I realized that despite my being very pihikan when it comes to guys, I guess when the right person comes you just know right away," Ira recalls. "We've gone through different challenges and trials in our relationship but these made us stronger both as a person and as a couple. We complement each other in many ways and I can say that this is the secret to our relationship."


After almost seven years of being together, Ira and CJ, who are not the traditional romantic couple, decided it was time to take the next step together and start a new chapter in their lives. The two knew that they wanted to grow old together, so without any formal proposal, Ira and CJ decided to tie the knot.

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The Preparations

Because CJ happens to be a wedding supplier himself (he's part of the videography team Threelogy), most people would think that he and Ira would have a grand wedding celebration. However, Ira and CJ wanted the opposite: a simple wedding that was fun, but not too fancy.

For their nontraditional wedding, CJ and Ira opted not to have any floral décor, which gave their reception a modern feel. Ira and CJ hadn't initially planned on having a themed wedding, but the Moroccan setup they wanted for the reception was both memorable and simple to put together. They also decided to do away with the reception program staples, such as the bouquet and garter toss. Instead, they prepared a fun game for couples who attended their wedding.


Ira and CJ's printed materials, like their misalettes and invitations, were designed by Ira's sister, a graphic designer. The couple learned that taking on DIY projects not only allowed them to personalize their wedding details, but let them save money as well.

The couple also realized that getting the best value for their money was crucial to getting the best possible results for the wedding they wanted. "Sometimes getting a cheap and unprofessional wedding supplier might not be worth it and you might just end up with greater expenses. As they say, ‘sa pagtitipid, mas napapamahal," the couple shares. Ira and CJ decided that the event stylist they wanted was a non-negotiable element, so they booked a more affordable reception venue to offset the expenses. The end result was an elegant and classy reception that featured the Moroccan setup they had in mind. Knowing their budget and their priorities also helped them with planning, but they made sure to have allowance for excess costs. The couple also shares that attending bridal fairs, surfing the net, and asking for referrals from close family members and friends helped them choose suppliers that would meet their requirements.


Ira and CJ's relationship began quite quickly and simply, and was rather unconventional. The subsequent uniqueness of their wedding made their modern celebration even more special.

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