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Love Story

Shifting from one course to another can be disorienting or can prove to be a very wise decision. For Cecile and Jude, it was the latter. During their sophomore year in college, Cecile and Jude both shifted to the same course. They got to know each other quite well--with their shared schedules and common group of friends, they saw each other every day. Soon, Jude started courting Cecile, and they became a couple two years later.

After graduating in 2005, Jude migrated to the US. Before he left, he and Cecile made a pact that they would stay together and that they would get married after five years. Little did they know that Jude's moving to the US, though it brought them apart, was yet another blessing in disguise. Not long after Jude migrated, Cecile's work took her to the US as well. Jude moved closer to where Cecile was based, and just before their fifth anniversary, he popped the question while they were watching TV and talking. At first, Cecile just thought he was joking. But not long after that, while they were chatting in the living room, Jude pulled a ring out from his pocket and asked Cecile to be his wife--and so five years after their pact, they tied the knot back home in the Philippines.


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Wedding Preparations

Like all other weddings, Cecile and Jude's berry-themed wedding took a lot of planning. But the couple encountered even more challenges because they were both based abroad--they had a hard time getting their legal documents and completing the church requirements, such that they were still worrying about it two weeks before the wedding.

Luckily, Cecile and Jude were able to organize everything just in time for the wedding, and they learned a lot of things in the process. They found out that having a wedding coordinator, especially on the day itself, is very helpful. They also learned that planning ahead of time and knowing your budget makes the planning process go smoother. Moreover, working together made things a lot easier for them. "Always ask each others' opinions and value each others' suggestions," they share. All the difficulties they went through during planning were fruitful. In the end, they realized that it wasn't just the wedding day that they enjoyed, but the preparation stages as well.

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