Candice and Ron marked a new chapter in their long term relationship with a classic wedding that exhibited warmth and elegance. With the help of noted suppliers, the couple was able to make their dream wedding come to life.

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Love Story

Candice and Ron knew from the first time they met each other that they would spend the rest of their lives together. "We are friends first and foremost, and partners, [who] truly enjoy each other's company. We can sit and do nothing, and still feel like we're having the best time ever. We laugh at [and with] each other--I guess that has what has kept us sane and in love in the last eight years," Candice shares.

Unlike some couples who regularly go out on out-of-town trips and dates, Candice and Ron always kept things simple in accordance with their conservative upbringing and strict parents. Thus, when they both found an opportunity that allowed them to go on a vacation together in Europe, they had no hesitations of grabbing it. They connived to make sure that their itineraries were almost the same so they could spend time away from their other travel companions and see each other.

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While there, Ron brought Candice to Fountainebleau in France, where he surprised her with a hot air balloon ride. Excited with the idea, Candice had no inkling that Ron had plans of popping the question then. So while Candice while awe-struck looking at the view from the hot air balloon, Ron suddenly tapped her back with a ring in his other hand. Candice, of course, said yes. "Funny how people always tell him that his proposal was amazing, and his standard reply would be that he did it so that he could just push me off [the] edge in case I said no," Candice fondly recalls.

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Wedding Preparations

Candice and Ron celebrated their September union with a classic elegant affair. With this, they kept their details simple, which also made their guests feel at ease and comfortable. Their wedding was dotted with chic details, starting from their wedding ensembles up to the d├ęcor of their reception. The most notable of their details was the thousand paper cranes that hung on display at the reception, which was something Ron always wanted to give Candice.


As a way of thanking their guests, the couple planned an extraordinary reception. They treated their guests to a sit-down dinner with Bizu as their caterer. "They are absolutely professional and are the best at what they do!" Candice exclaims. Aside from serving a sumptuous dinner, the couple also hired Bernie Pasamba's string quartet complete their guests' experience. "They performed a classy and tasteful set of songs that set the mood for the night, so much so that people asked if they could get a list of the songs that they played," shares Candice.

Although the couple had two years to prepare for their wedding, the couple admits that there were still a few things that they had to cram at the last minute. But the couple still believes that planning brides and grooms "shouldn't sweat the small stuff and all the stress that comes with preparing.". They add, "After all, the wedding is all about the two of you making a promise to each other in front of God, everything else is just icing on the cake."


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