Anna and Paolo personalized their wedding by incorporating a travel theme to their detailed, but simple decorations. For their palette, they chose blue and silver for a truly classic feel.

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Love Story

Anna and Paolo knew each other from high school at Colegio San Agustin. Paolo had a crush on Anna ever since they first met, and they've always showed signs of having feelings for each other. However, because Paolo was due to leave for Australia after high school, they never had an exclusive relationship.

Still, they maintained their friendship through technology after Paolo emigrated. Paolo also made sure to see Anna on his visits to the Philippines. Eventually, they both decided to be brave enough to try a long-distance relationship.

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Paolo made sure to make his proposal a very romantic one. He decided to pop the question after the wedding of Anna's brother, when he was sure they would still be basking in the feelings of love and happiness. Paolo booked a different room in the hotel where he and the groom were staying, on the excuse that one room would be too crowded. He also asked some friends to light tea light candles all around the room before he and Anna arrived.

Anna had no idea what was going to happen but got an inkling when she saw the warm lights flickering inside the room. There, after Paolo sang one of their favorite songs and after the couple had a round of dancing, Paolo proposed, and Anna said yes.

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Wedding Preparations

Anna and Paolo chose to be very involved with their wedding preparations. They took on lots of do-it-yourself projects not just to save money, but also to incorporate their ideas and personalities into their special day. "The DIY projects gave us a chance to bond and strengthen our relationship as well," they share. Their reception at Ville Sommet was decorated with many travel-themed items, such as luggage, travel magazines, globes, and blue passports.


The couple had over 200 guests, but they were all family and close friends of the two. To bring back sweet memories, Anna and Paolo served classic Filipino candies for guests to nibble on at the reception. This was a special treat as most of their guests flew in from different countries.

Anna, Paolo, and their guests truly had an enjoyable time. The couple shares, "You cannot control everything. There will always be mistakes and mishaps on the day. The best thing to do is just smile and enjoy so that you would not miss out on the essence of the day itself." They also believe that couples should think of as many do-it-yourself projects as possible, but at the same time, they should give their suppliers space to do their jobs. Anna and Paolo say, "Trust that they will be able to deliver. Let go and let God do the rest."

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