Andrea and Rich celebrated a wedding that was filled with classic and elegant details. With their wedding's timeless feel, the couple showcased their impeccable taste.

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Love Story

Andrea caught Rich's eye as he was watching his teammates play disc at the Ayala Alabang Country Club. Oddly enough, it was Andrea's confident stance and remarkable posture that made an impression on Rich. While unusual factors sparked Rich's interest, he asked an even weirder question when his teammates finally introduced him to Andrea. The first thing he blurted out to her was, "What soap do you use?"

The two hit off, and they became a couple eventually. Time came when Rich decided to ask for Andrea's hand in marriage, and he found the perfect timing at the finale party of The Amazing Race Asia, where he was part of the winning team. Rich connived with the organizers to be given an opportunity to propose to Andrea in front of everyone at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel roofdeck that night. He gave quite a show with his speech before finally popping the question--and Andrea made the event even more memorable by saying yes.

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Wedding Preparations

Andrea and Rich celebrated their union with a sophisticated wedding that featured classic details. The elegant décor set a chic ambiance for the couple's reception at the same place where they first met: the Ayala Alabang Country Club.

While the couple's wedding channeled elegance, Andrea and Rich still remembered to incorporate personal touches to into the celebration. The couple's penchant for sweets inspired them to put up a dessert table, which featured cookies and cupcakes served with milk. The couple also asked family and friends to perform songs for their ceremony and reception.

In the end, the couple proved that a sophisticated affair doesn't have to be a stiff one. With their involvement in planning their wedding, the couple filled their celebration with love and warmth.

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