Ekky and Mike make one fun couple, and their prenuptial shoot was able to capture their easygoing personalities. The couple highlighted one of the things they loved to do as a couple--travel--and let the wonderful sights of Hong Kong become a backdrop for telling their love story.

Truth be told, the couple didn't have a specific concept in mind as they got ready for the prenup session. The fact that they weren't very OC with planning the shoot was typical of the two--they just went where their photographers from Vago Nozze Studios took them. Since Ekky and Mike are both happy-go-lucky individuals, they just threw caution to the wind and let team capture that spontaneity for the shoot.

Ekky and Mike improvised as they went along, and the whole experience became a new kind of adventure for them. They didn't secure any permits and just shot where they fancied, but they were mindful when guards would shoo them away from certain locations.


While most people would feel awkward posing for photos in a foreign country, Ekky and Mike found it advantageous that they were surrounded by strangers. Ekky shares that she and Mike had more guts to pose abroad, because they didn't have to worry about running into people they knew.

Some people might balk at the idea of such a laidback approach to a prenup session, but Ekky and Mike proved that as long as the process is fun for the couple and the photography team, everything will turn out fine.

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