The laidback atmosphere of a beach wedding calls for a completely different dress code from a wedding in the city, or in a formal setting such as a hotel ballroom. With the sun, sand, and sea as elements of your wedding day, expect a casual feeling.

A wedding by the beach means you are at the mercy of the elements - sunlight, wind, sand, and water - so the type of fabric you choose, the length of your gown, and even your shoes will spell the difference.

You'll want to stick to light fabrics so that you'll stay cool during the ceremony all the way to the celebration. A gown in a simple cut and an appropriate length will also allow you to move freely. You wouldn't want to drag your train across the sand - it would certainly damage your dress, not to mention slow you down. Heels are also avoided when possible as they tend to sink into the sand.

Of course, no one is stopping you from donning a voluminous gown or layer upon layer of fabric, but you may want to consider comfort and practicality before you put together your wedding ensemble. Think transformer gowns with elements that you could remove after the ceremony, or you could change into a more relaxed outfit altogether for the reception.

The seaside locale will also determine your guests' dresscode so be sure to let them know what activities to expect so that they can dress appropriately.

View the gallery below to see wedding attire suggestions for nuptials by the beach.

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