One of the things you can look forward to after the wedding is waking up next to the person you love most. In your new home, you'll also need to learn to cohabitate in your shared space.

The bedroom and the bathroom are perhaps the most intimate spaces of your home. You want these areas to give you privacy and comfort, and the pieces that you furnish these rooms with will help you achieve that.

As you build your bridal registry list with items for the bedroom and bathroom, opt for items that showcase a nice balance of function and form. Debenhams shares tips for choosing items for the bed and bath.

Make sure your chosen beddings will suit your bed.

Bed sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and comforters come in a variety of sizes. Before choosing bed sets for your registry, make sure that you've taken note of your bed's dimensions. To make the dimensions easy to remember, find out if the bed is a King, Queen, Double, or some other size. Debenhams offers luxurious beddings in these standard sizes.


Include items that let you adjust lighting.

Some people can't sleep with the light on, while some others aren't as sensitive. Make sure that your bedroom allows you to adjust lighting, so that you and your husband can both get some sleep. Bedside lamps--which are available in a variety of designs at Debenhams--are great additions to the registry list, since these can illuminate specific areas without disturbing one's sleep. A combination of sheer and opaque curtains will also allow you to filter light from outside.

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School yourself about thread count.

It's a good idea to give your guests a variety of options if you'll be signing up for a registry list. In the case of beddings and towels, those with lower thread count are more affordable than those with higher thread count. You'll find that beddings and towels with higher thread count are softer, since thread count refers to the number of the crosswise (weft) and lengthwise (warp) threads in a square inch


Choose pieces that provide storage.

Maximizing space is even more important when you're sharing space. To avoid clutter, add storage to your registry list. Among the storage solutions you may explore are trunks, closet organizers, and plastic boxes. For the bathroom, you may also opt for toiletry sets to help you organize your bath essentials.

Opt for items that can withstand moisture.

It's a good idea to personalize your bathroom with accents, but remember to go for pieces that won't lose its shape or color in a moist environment. Steer clear of untreated metal that might rust. Items in stainless steel or plastic are your best bets in the bathroom.

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