through_the_rain.jpgOne of the many unpredictable things you will have to deal with on your wedding is the weather. The balmy heat is often punctuated by sudden showers, and when this happens, you have to make preparations to anticipate the change. Wedding coordinator Ernest Pascual of Events! Events! has already experienced the unforgettable challenge of coordinating a wedding in Tagaytay under heavy rains. We sat down with him to ask for some helpful tips and reminders for any wedding weather emergencies.


If your reception venue is outdoors, Ernest says that you should have a set of tents ready, just in case it rains. Ernest also suggests that putting up tents in an outdoor venue should be a part of your plan A, so that they can be taken into consideration in the over-all lay-out and design. "Then if you make tents as part of plan A, then you can have decorations under the tent which would make it cozier. Imagine this, having tents would actually help you "catch" light from your lights provider that would make the venue a lot cozier," Ernest explains. "Note too that you might want to consider [having] side walls for the tents as you don't know the direction of the wind/rain--you don't want your guests to get wet," Ernest further suggests.


As a wedding coordinator, Ernest Pascual always tells the suppliers to leave earlier if there's news of rainfall, flooding, heavy traffic, or anything else that might delay their delivery for the wedding. Ernest strongly suggests that you advise your suppliers to depart for the wedding venue at least two hours earlier than usual, "or get in touch with suppliers who have an earlier call time and ask [about] the traffic situation and then plan for alternate routes."

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