It's no secret that photographers aim to capture special moments. When it comes to weddings, this goal becomes urgent, as all wedding photographers want to capture that nameless glance reserved between newlyweds. Jo and Itchy, the owners of Bokehbug Photography, delight in capturing these distinct glances--what Jo calls, "split-second moments." Jo elaborates, "We believe that we can work with whatever situation and just really focus on what's unique in every wedding."

Ironically, Jo and Itchy weren't always fans of wedding photography. Itchy's interest in photography was sparked when he and Jo (then his college sweetheart) took the subject as an elective. Digital photography was nonexistent back then, and as he spent more time practicing photography, Itchy fell in love with the art. Jo says "He became a darkroom dinosaur." He meticulously took notes on every shot to keep in mind which settings worked best. Jo says it was this discipline--which he passed on to her--that she keeps in mind even in the age of digital photography.

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After covering an intimate wedding for a relative of Itchy's, the two were pleased to see the results of their candid shots. They enrolled in a workshop under respected wedding photographer Oly Ruiz, and from there, the two started working on their own style--one which is summed up well in the name that their kids came up with. Bokeh is a photographic term for the aesthetic blurring of the background or foreground produced with fast lenses. Jo shares that "bokehlicious" is a good way to describe their signature "creamy" bokeh shots.

Jo and Itchy know where their strength lies, but they always make sure to prepare themselves for every wedding or prenuptial shoot. The process goes beyond checking their gear. It also extends to their physical and emotional readiness so that they can give the marrying couple their 101%.

Jo and Itchy are also prepared to give some direction here and there--not too much to render the interaction between their subjects unnatural, but just enough to produce a cross between directed and candid shots: "You can say [they're] simple [and] awkward, yet awesome. Same holds true in a wedding event; we let [the events] unfold naturally and document real connections between the couple and their loved ones."


With their signature bokeh photographs and talent in turning what would have been awkward shots into genuine romantic moments, Jo and Itchy will surely reach their goal of being a widely respected, reliable, yet warm photography tandem.

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